Drug Addiction – Secret Cover Up of Broken People

man walking on the streetThere is a man walking along the street in the middle of the night. With odd facial mannerisms, he walks unsteadily. It’s scary knowing anytime something bad might happen. Is it still safe to keep walking along the same street? This is what drug addiction does.

Admit it or not, we most of the time stand as judging spectators whenever we see drug addicts on the streets or on our TV screens being dragged from their homes by the police officers. We scoff at them thinking they deserve such treatment. We are way better individuals than them, we think.

But, what could be the story behind those bloodshot eyes? Why did these people end up in drug addiction in the first place?

Whether it is a painful past, a traumatic event or a heart breaking back story, there has to be a reason why they resorted to escape those things through drug abuse.

Do we really have to look at them with contempt though we don’t know the underlying life issues that they are going through?

be a friendInstead of scoffing at them, could we do something for them? If we think we deserve to have a second chance after messing up real bad, then they also do. Don’t they?

Everyone has vulnerable spots that are susceptible to deep wounds. It just so happened that these people were not able to successfully recover, or worse is that nobody has truly reached out to help them escape that mire they are in.

More than two thousand years ago, Jesus came and died on the cross, “… to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to those who are bound.” – Isaiah 61:1

He died for our redemption once and for all. If the God of the universe is gracious enough to die for us in order to give us a second chance in life, then who are we to take that away from these drug addicts?

We made mistakes in the past but here we are still going on with life because we have people who stayed, believed and supported us along the way.

support groupThey might have never had that.

Why not be that compassionate neighbor they weren’t able to have in times they needed it the most? Why not open your heart and choose to see right through these hurting people?

Do you know someone who needs help about this matter? Or do you need help in overcoming drug addiction? Call us anytime at 737-0-700 to reach our Metro Manila CBN Asia Prayer Center or contact us here if you are outside the Philippines or outside Metro Manila. Let us help them or you start a new life one step at a time.

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