Superbook Beats The Heat in Batangas!

Lian, Batangas— TSB Batangashe air was hot and humid. The sun welcomed the Superbook team with its scorching rays. Unfazed by the blistering heat, the Superbook team traveled the long roads of the south just to reach their destination: Binubusan Elemenatary School.

After a three-hour drive, the team finally arrived. Relieved by the cool shade from the towering trees near the gate, the Superbook team made their way to the school grounds, where the teachers gave them a warm welcome.

By noon, the stage was all set and a long line of eager and curious students were waiting for the program to start. Seven-year old Kristine could not contain her giddiness when she heard that Gizmo was coming to their school.

“I want to see    Gizmo in person because I’m a big fan of Superbook. I also like Joy Pepper because SB Batangas4she is a good friend to Chris and Gizmo. Watching Superbook teaches me valuable lessons like being obedient to my parents and loving God,” shared Kristine.

The program started with a Superbook trivia game, which was then followed by a live screening of Superbook Season 2 episodes Joseph and the Pharaoh’s Dream and Noah’s Ark. The students were in awe as they watched two amazing Bible adveture stories on a screen way bigger than the televisions they have at home. It was indeed a one of a kind experience for the children.

After the film showing, ventriloquist Ruther Urquia and his puppet Titoy entertained and taught the kids about Christ’s love and salvation through a puppet show and some cool magic tricks. More smiles and laughters floated through the air as the kids watched in amazement.

Then came the moment they had all been waiting for. It was time for Gizmo to meet the kids. Loud cheers and an unstoppable applause froSB Batangas3m the students filled the school’s activity area as Gizmo came up the stage. For Kristine, it was a dream come true.

The day ended with the kids receiving Superbook loot bags and a photo op with Gizmo. Students went home with wide smiles on their faces. Every one was grateful for the surprise that they received that day. But more than the fun, the kids went home with joy in their hearts—the kind of joy that no heat can ever melt away.

**The event was sponsored by Aflredo Roces-Guerrero Foundation.

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