Christian Bautista shares his favorite traffic relief

Your alarm clock rings at 5:00 a.m. You check your phone and plead, “Just five more minutes.” When you open your eyes again, it’s already 7:00 a.m! You hurriedly jump out of bed, brush your teeth, take a shower and ride a jeep. Because you’re already late for work, you just frown at everyone you see.

That’s more often than not the usual life of an ordinary commuter. Waking up really early, braving the everyday EDSA traffic, and mustering enough patience to last the day. And since it’s already the Christmas season, heavy traffic is inevitable! Even if you leave work at exactly 5:00 in the afternoon, you would still arrive home late at night with hardly enough energy to have dinner.

Can we really not do anything about this terrible cycle? Christian Bautista says there’s an operative relief to ease this traffic frenzy.

christian bautistaConsult your “Tsuper ng Buhay”

Whenever he’s in EDSA, Christian’s patience is also tested just like everybody else’s. But he revealed in his new single, “Tsuper ng Buhay,” how he handles this challenge – not just in traffic but in his life as a whole. “This song is about us putting all our trust in the real “Tsuper,” the Driver who controls everything about our life. Just consult Him in every decision and route that you’re going to take.”

The song “Tsuper ng Buhay” is included in the Transforming Love album produced by CBN Asia. It’s a story of man’s everyday life as a commuter and how he can make his journey more valuable.

“Whenever you’re stuck in traffic, just try to breathe. Keep calm, and trust that He has already planned every itinerary you will take. From the moment you sleep, wake up, sit on the bus or jeep, He’s the one orchestrating it,” said Christian.

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He added that he wanted to dedicate this song to his fans who continue to support him in making and singing new songs. He wanted to inspire them with Jesus’ love and care for him. “I would hear my fans say, ‘Your song inspired me, or your song has helped me through this heartache.’ Those words give me a sense of responsibility to make quality music that would really uplift them. I am thankful that CBN Asia gave me a chance to sing this song for everyone.”

Christian recommends “Tsuper ng Buhay” to everyone who commutes on their way to work, to school, or even at family gatherings and out-of-town trips with friends. He said that it will refresh their mind if they want to unwind or help them prepare for their everyday errands.

Transforming Love artists

Transforming Love artists

The Transforming Love album is a mix of original songs and remakes and includes 12 songs by award-winning composers, arrangers, and artists in the OPM industry. You can listen to samples of the songs and get a copy of the album at The album is also available at these House of Praise branches: Panay Avenue in Quezon City, Robinson’s Galleria, Virra Mall Greenhills, and Festival Mall. All the proceeds of the album will go to the different ministries of CBN Asia.

Get your Transforming Love album now and have a wonderful commute experience, even when you’re in the busy streets of Manila or in the middle of EDSA.

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