He’s No Superman

By Sheena Ferrer, Writer, CBN Asia

Unlike Superman who flies high in the sky, and super powers that helps him save humankind, Leonard Balandra is just an ordinary man, a faithful servant, a loving husband and a dedicated father. But ordinary as he is, Leonard possesses something greater than all the superheroes’ powers combined.

God’s Instrument

When Leonard prays and lays his hands upon the sick, they miraculously get healed. Unbelievable for some, Leonard’s hands have been God’s instrument to display his miraculous healing power among the sick. He doesn’t consider this gift as his own, but a blessing from God who uses him to heal sick people.

 “I have had countless encounters and stories of miraculous healing just by laying hands and praying, and I believe that every time I lay my hands on people, Christ is using me to make His presence and his healing power felt,” Leonard shared.

 He added, “This gift made me one of the go-to persons when people are ill. I couldn’t refuse them because I know that God wants to help them. And it’s a joy to see these people smile as if they are newborn babies craving for a new life.”

 Test of faith

Countless people who were healed by God through Leonard’s laying on of hands gave him a constant reminder that God has a purpose for him. But everything changed when his wife, Marisa, experienced a kind of illness that crippled him and his family.

 “For seven years, my wife had an erratic case of epilepsy, and since I know that God uses me in curing illnesses, I’ve tried laying my hands on her, prayed for her and did all the pleading to God to cure her. But in those seven cruel years, God didn’t answer my prayers,” narrated Leonard. 

He tried his best to believe in the miracles that God is doing through him but his wife’s pitiful and unchanging situation was what he kept on seeing. For Leonard, it was during those moments when the obvious reality, his wife’s uncured illness, was easier to believe in. 

“I couldn’t fathom why God chose to cure other people through me, but when it comes to my own wife who needed a miracle to ease her suffering, I couldn’t do anything. And God was silent. We both felt helpless. After seven years of heartache and sustained and gradual pain, our false hopes on miraculous healing for my wife finally took its toll on me,” Leonard said.

He stopped attending church, left his ministry and refused people who asked for his help. He stopped laying hands on sick people and he quit praying for them. He spent a year holding a painful grudge against God.

No one even dared to reach out to them because they were afraid that Marisa, his wife, might attack them or cause them harm. 


Leonard and his wife, Marisa

His Faith Restored

One night, Leonard went home weeping after attending a church gathering that reminded him of why God gave him the gift of healing. While crying, he turned on their television set so that no one would notice his tears and happened to watch The 700 Club Asia. 

“It’s as if my life story was being played in front of me. I was dumbfounded on the thought that God can use that show to make me realize that He’s just there watching and waiting for me to come to Him. I cried and asked the Lord for forgiveness. And when Pastor Peter asked the viewers to pray with him, I prayed with a sullen heart that overflowed with joy. Once again, I felt like my Lord is welcoming me and making me pure,” Leonard said.


Leonard and Marisa renew their vows to each other at a recent Mnistering to Ministers event hosted by The 700 Club Asia host, Peter Kairuz and his wife Christine.

A Night to Remember

Since that night, Leonard made sure to always tune in to The 700 Club Asia and utter every prayer that the show’s hosts were praying. He also asked his wife and kids to join him in watching the show. Then one night, Peter Kairuz led a prayer about healing, “I listened intently and prayed every word he said. That night, I claimed that prayer of healing for my wife, Marissa, and sent every word with blaze like a message of plea to God in heaven,” said Leonard.

After that prayer, things have never been the same. “It has been months now since Marisa last had an epilepsy seizure, and we believe that God already crumpled that sickness. I’m confident that as long as we have Christ in our hearts, no sickness can make us drift apart,” he said.

Now, Pastor Leonard smileseach time he looks at his wife, whom he describes as “still so beautiful and healthy.” 

“I am very thankful that there is a show like The 700 Club Asia that reminds people that it’s never too late to turn to God and ask for His help, we just need to trust Him.

He added, “I also learned that if the Lord entrusted you with something, make sure you’re using it. If He gave you wisdom, gift of discernment, or the gift of healing through the laying of hands, don’t just ignore it. Use it to help and bless other people. We may doubt His power and fear the inevitable, but the Lord is reminding us that He is our God who will strengthen and help us, and uphold us with His righteous right hand.”

While looking at each other, Marisa and Leonard said in chorus, “No problem is too big for our God.  No, he’s not Superman. He’s way greater than any of all the imaginary superheroes combined. He can do anything, we just need to believe that He is our God, and that He alone is enough.”

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  • Eva Chan

    Do you know where can I get in touch of pastor Leonard balandra? Bec I want to invite him to lay hand on my son who had stage 4 colon cancer. The docs give up hope but I am the one who is still hoping my son will get heal

  • Eva Chan

    Where can I get in touch w pastor Leonard?

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