A Daughter’s Wish Comes True

By Deborah Ann Bataller, Writer, CBN Asia, Inc.

All her life, Suzanne Co-Cabreros of Antipolo, Rizal, lived under the protection of her father’s wings. But gone were the days when her father would smile at her and care for her. All those wonderful moments are nothing but faint memories of what was once a loving and happy father-daughter relationship.

In the blink of an eye, everything between Susan and her father changed. And now that things were different, all she wanted was to get her father’s nod of approval once more. 

“If only I can win my father back, then my life would be complete.” 


Susan and Edgar Cabreros

Two Broken Hearts 

Susan’s long-time gap with her father began on the day she fell in love with her husband, Edgar.

“I’m Chinese. My maiden name is Susan Co. The problem started when my father found out that I’m going to marry a Filipino. He wouldn’t let me marry Edgar because he is not Chinese and he does not have his own business,” Susan shared. 

She added, “It’s all part of tradition. My father wanted me to keep the Chinese name. His resentment towards my decision to marry Edgar worsened when he found out that Edgar resigned from his low-earning job in a fastfood restaurant to become a full-time pastor.”

Despite the importance of her father’s blessing on her marriage, Susan knew she could never convince her father to change his mind. So with a broken heart, Susan bid goodbye to her Chinese maiden name and married Edgar,  the God-sent love of her life. 

“I know that with my decision to push through with the wedding, my father was very much disappointed and broken-hearted. Painful as it is for him, my father stopped talking to me. I felt like he disowned me as his daughter,” Susan retold sadly. 

“No matter how hard I and Edgar tried, my father never accepted us. He didn’t treat me like his daughter anymore. I can only pray for a miracle to happen.”

Hurt and Wounded

The persecution did not stop even after Susan and Edgar got married. Instead, things became more miserable and complicated.

“My father continued to insult me and my family. We tirelessly made efforts to reach out to him but in all those times, all we got in return were hurtful words from him. After I gave birth to our firstborn, my father even tried to convince me to leave my husband with the assurance that he will provide for me and my child. But I didn’t give in,” she recalled.

Susan and Edgar had three other children to show her father that they can raise a family well. But her father’s heart remained cold and hard. 

For Susan, what’s more painful was when her dad cursed her family by declaring that her children will never finish school, and that they will never taste good food nor live a good life. In all these, Susan chose to respond in love.

“Every night, I would watch The 700 Club Asia. Watching the stories from the show gives me hope that nothing is impossible with God. I would pray with the hosts and cry out to God. I would beg him to soften my father’s heart. I never stopped believing that I, too, would get my own miracle, just like the testimony givers in The 700 Club Asia. But only in God’ perfect time.”

For over 15 years, Susan faithfully uttered that prayer, hoping and trusting that one day, God will grant her request.

Prayer Granted 

Finally, on one fateful night, God opened the windows of heaven and performed Susan’s much-awaited miracle. 

“I was watching The 700 Club Asia as usual when I heard Peter Kairuz praying for the restoration of families. I immediately prayed and claimed that restoration would come for me and my dad. I also prayed for my dad’s salvation. After praying, I didn’t feel anything special, but I felt God’s overwhelming peace,” Susan shared.

The next day, Susan got an unexpected phone call from her father. As she answered the phone, she felt like a cloud of heaviness was lifted from her. 

“He talked to me very calmy. And I couldn’t hold back my tears. It was the first time I’d spoken to him in years. It felt so good to hear my father’s voice again. He asked me how I am  and told me the good news that he’d already received Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior,” Susan said.

For Susan, it was during that moment when time stood still. “Hearing those words from my father was so unbelievable, and it being a miracle is the only explanation,”Susan said.

Later on, Susan found out how her father came to know the Lord. 

“He told me it all happened the night before he called me, which was the same night I prayed with Peter Kairuz for our family’s restoration. He has insomnia and decided to watch some late-night programs. Accidentally, he tuned-in to The 700 Club Asia and saw Peter Kairuz praying on television. Then, he suddenly found himself crying and praying along. He said something happened in his heart that he could not explain.” 

Susan’s father also asked for forgiveness from her and her family. “I could not contain my joy. It was so amazing! God not only granted my wish to restore me and my father. He also opened his heart so my father would accept His gift of salvation.What more could I ask for?”

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