The Blessing in Giving

The more you give, the more you receive.

For many Christians, this line has become a cliché in the aspect of giving. We always hear it preached in our churches and the congregation, most of the time, is no longer stirred. But for Lovelle Delgado of Malabon, she can definitely testify about this famous line. 

louvelle-story-featureTHE TURNING POINT

It all started on one fateful night when Lovelle happened to tune in to The 700 Club Asia. “I was watching the television and I saw Peter Kairuz praying. Little did I know it would be a turning point in my life,” Lovelle recalled. 

Lovelle had been enduring allergies on her hands, an ailment that left all her fingers itchy, scarred and wounded.  The allergy persisted for  3 to 4 months but Lovelle never went to a doctor for treatments due to lack of money. Although there were times that the allergy subsided, the pain never left her poor hands. 

But that night, when she heard Peter praying about a woman with an allergy on her hands, Lovelle didn’t waste the moment. She desperately seized her healing, like a hungry baby crying for milk. 

“I was crying, with my both hands lifted to the heavens and I was saying, ‘Lord, that’s me. I am that woman. I believe you can heal me, Lord!’” she exclaimed. 

Because of her great faith, Lovelle received her most-awaited healing. 

“After I prayed, I noticed that the wounds on my fingers started to dry up. After three days, the allergy was completely gone! I was totally healed,” Lovelle said happily.


For Lovelle, tuning in to The 700 Club Asia that night was not an accident, but a God-given appointment. It became an opportunity for God to prove His miraculous power over her condition. But more than that, it became a door for Lovelle to discover the key to experiencing God’s abundant provisions.

“That same night, the Lord impressed in my heart the need to give. If the Lord used this show to heal me of my sickness, then it’s my turn to give back to Him and help others.”

A week after her amazing healing, Lovelle decided to partner with The 700 Club Asia. She went to the nearest M Lhuillier branch and sent P500–her first seed of faith.  Her initial donation was soon followed by more pledges until giving to The 700 Club Asia became her monthly commitment. 

But true enough, giving is not always easy. Like most of us who experience monetary lack, Lovelle also had her financial difficulties.

“As a pre-school teacher, my earnings are not always sufficient, and there are times when I’m really running low on my budget. But, I still see to it that I separate at least P500 for The 700 Club Asia. I really want to give, it’s my joy,” Lovelle shared.

She added, “And I know how it helps a lot of people through Operation Blessing. This is my way of helping in my own little way. I know it’ll never be put into waste and that God will provide all my needs,” Lovelle joyfully uttered. 


As expected, God never left Lovelle and her family empty-handed. As she gave continuously, God brings back the blessings to her – in measures that are full and overflowing. 

“My husband is an OFW in Saudi Arabia but now he’s staying in the Philippines for four months already and doesn’t have any income and we have a daughter to support and raise,”Lovelle said.

Still, Lovelle was assured that the abundance of God’s blessing is available to her, because she gives. 

“Aside from teaching in a pre-school, I also do private tutoring. Before, I barely had students. But since I started giving to The 700 Club Asia, tutorials came pouring in. Now, I have so much clients that I’m hardly vacant and my earnings are more than enough for me and my family. It’s really amazing!” she testified.

A faithful donor of The 700 Club Asia for months now, Lovelle learned that God does not touch giving hearts by chance, but by choice. ”It’s up to us if we will respond to the call. I’m glad I did.”

During her calling, Lovelle also seeks encouragement and happiness by regularly watching The 700 Club Asia and constantly texting the CBN Asia Prayer Center for her prayer requests. Like Lovelle, you too can experience God’s overflowing abundance and miraculous touch in every aspect of your life while being a blessing to others. PARTNER WITH CBN ASIA TODAY!


  • Ednalyn

    Panu po mag padala ng seeds I am from Puerto Princesa City Palawan po. Thank you po.

    • Maraming salamat sa suporta mo sa gawain ng Panginoon, Ednalyn. Pumunta ka lang sa kahit anong sangay ng MLhuiller.(No transaction fee) Sabihin mo na nais mong mag-donate sa CBN Asia at sagutan ang Customer Info Sheet. Isulat ang “700 Club” or “CBN Asia” sa Receiver’s Name. Ilagay mo din sa Purpose of Transaction like ‘telethon,” “one –time donation,” “monthly donation,” “Superbook,” etc. Ibigay ang form sa cashier o kahera. Huwag kalimutan ang form bilang katibayan ng iyong pagpapadalang donation. Hindi na kailangang mag-fax sa amin dahil ang ML na ang magaabiso sa amin tungkol sa donasyon mo. Makakatanggap ka ng acknowledgment text galing sa CBN Asia once na natanggap na ang iyong donasyon. Para sa iba pang katanungan tungkol sa iyong donasyon. Maaari kang mag-email sa aming partner service group sa or tumawag sa 663-4700, Monday to Friday mula 8am to 5pm. Maraming salamat. God bless

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