Five Songs by Darlene Zschech that “Reveal Jesus”

mu7m78by Ganns Deen

Less than two weeks ago, legendary worship leader Darlene Zschech posted important news on her blog: she has breast cancer. With incredible grace and strength, she revealed her faith in Christ and declared the great name of Jesus was greater than anything she was facing. Literally millions of people are praying for the former worship pastor of Hillsong (and current worship leader of Church Unlimited in New South Wales, Australia).

Last year, Zschech released “Revealing Jesus,” her first official solo live worship project that served almost literally as a culmination to a decades-long career of revealing Jesus to millions worldwide. Guests included some of Contemporary Christian worship’s most prominent names, including Israel Houghton, Michael W. Smith, Kari Jobe, and BJ Putnam, and features some of Zschech’s most brilliant songwriting credits to date.

As we pray for Darlene’s healing, let’s look at some of the highlights of “Revealing Jesus,” and see how, even in the midst of personal turmoil, she never hesitates to point all attention – and glory – back to the ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ.

In Jesus’ Name
Looking at the declarative chorus, where Darlene sings, “I will live, I will not die, the resurrection power of Christ in me, alive and free, in Jesus’ Name!”, and says later on that she hated cancer, it’s almost eerie that she would be fighting cancer herself by the end of the year. But God works in mysterious ways, and on the live version of the song, when she declares total victory over cancer, it’s a poignant moment, and we all declare victory over cancer for her and other cancer patients worldwide.

Victor’s Crown
Victor’s Crown was the first single from “Revealing Jesus,” and with its impressive pedigree – the song is written by Zschech with fellow praise and worship luminaries Israel Houghton and Kari Jobe – it did well at Christian Soft AC. With its theme of Christ’s victory over death and sin, its poetic lyrics, and its beautiful melody, Victor’s Crown should be a staple at churches all over the world soon enough.

Your Presence is Heaven
With Houghton on-board for “Revealing Jesus,” it was both touching and appropriate to have “Your Presence is Heaven,” a Houghton original that was one of the highlights of Houghton’s latest set, “Jesus at the Center,” one of the finest releases of 2012. With her beautiful voice, Darlene brings a decidedly more intimate, feminine touch to the song, which makes it both spine-tingling and beautiful.

Written by Raymond Badham, “Magnificent” was beautifully and unforgettably sung by Tulele Faletolu in Hillsong Australia’s worship project “Blessed,” and this ballad declaring God’s attributes quickly became a worship staple all over the world. Darlene sings this in “Revealing Jesus” with worship leader BJ Putnam, whose incredible voice matches Tulele’s note for note. Glorious, glorious version.

Shout to the Lord/Agnus Dei
Fellow Contemporary Christian legend Michael W. Smith joins Darlene in this medley of Zschech’s classic, “Shout to the Lord,” and Smith’s own chestnut original, “Agnus Dei.” Words cannot express how beautiful this version is – it leaves me speechless, and I hope it touches you deeply too.

James Michael “Ganns” Deen
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  • debra richardson

    I woke up @ 4:30 this morning, went in my living rm to spend time with my Lord. I felt led to put on some worship music and just sit in the presence of God. Not petitioning him for nothing, just basking in His presence. I chose your music for I truly feel it is the sound being released from heaven for these times. As I progressed through the playlist I stumbled upon the word of the trial you are or were facing with breast cancer. I am not a “computer” person,being somewhat illiterate on the subject;however I just had to send you this. It would take me too long to tell my whole testimony. I’ll try to be as brief as possible…A year ago I was diagnoised with liver cancer. in 1986(I am now 60yrs young) God saved me while I was in prison and delivered me from 22yr herion and alcohol addiction among a host of things too long to mention as this journey is progressive. I knew that I had been diagnoised with hep-c but I forgot about it. Needless to say this attack, affliction, lie, came at a time of me going through a fierce spiritual upheavel(too long to mention).Needless to say I was devastated at first. Being reminded os psalms 112 my journey began on this phase of my life. From day 1 I have always believed in the Gospel and that in it we have a covenant of healing and wholeness. The Lord as used me many times to lay hands on the sick and oppressed. I simply believe! now it was my turn. I’ve learned much in this journey!(too much to mention).On the onset of this particular part of my journey the Lord told me to get into worship. I said God what do you mean worship, I do worship you all the time. Can’t you just “Zap” me, touch me or something,part the heavens and come down !Something”supernatual” and quick! A still small voice within me said. I want you to get into worship. I am releasing a sound to you . you will know it when you hear it. So I set out looking and listening for “the sound”. I went about my daily task in the natural, but me heart and my spirit was set like a flint. With my ears pierced I lent my hands to the search and stumbled upon your music! Bullseye! AS I listened it ushered my into His Presence! I became broken and the issues of my heart flowed. I found that I wanted God to touch me, but he wanted me to touch Him. The very things we believe will be tried in the fire! If we have the heart of God we are moved with compassion for those who suffer.Even that must be tried.Satan desires to sift us as wheat but even in that God makes us into bread.Bread for the world.! The releasing of the “sound” through your worship takes us into the throneroom and allows God to intercourse with us. He makes deposits in us, He gives us what we need for our journey. I know full well that what you do and have done starts out with a yes.Thank you for saying yes to God. When you are taking ground from the enemy, expect a fight. The joy of the Lord, the confidence of the truth of God’s Word; the reality of the love of God for us, the assurance of His faithfulness etc, is our strength. God told me to go to the hospital and He would be with me. I did. We met a woman there who asked if she could pray with me.I said yes.She got down on her knees and began to intercede for me. The funny thing is she didn’t ask God to heal me. She worshipped Himm right there in the lobby of the cancer center. People waiting there got up and surrounded us.Hurtin people. Some who obviously were there for treatment (chemo etc). As this women worshipped she began to thank God for healing me. Then my name as called to get prepped for the surgery. I had a tumor in my liver walls that was growing rapidly. (making a long story short) When I first got there they sent me for another MRI. they gave me some pills to relax me and hooked me up to the IV. As I layed there wondering the “what ifs”, all along with the fears was also Lord I trust you.Fear of the unkown is real! Hello I’m a humanoid here! But like David “though I was afraid I trusted in the Lord. There were a team of doctors on my case. They came in(I supposed) to wheel me into surgery among them was the anestisologist. It’s goin down I thought!It’s hammer time! My head doctor had a large manila envelope in his hand.Hold anymore drama I said to myself. Lets just jet this over with. Then smiling(and this man never smiled) my head doctor informed me and my friend who stood at my side through this that the MRI had shown that the tumor was gone. The other doctors were all forieners, they were all laughing! One wiggled my toes and called me miss miracle! They were more excited than me. so no surgery was needed. they asked me if I wanted to go home or spend the night. I said yes I will spend the night but I’m hungry. they said we will call dietary and you can order anything you want. You don’t need to know all that I ate all though the night. They gave me cart-blanch!. Just had to share this with you daughter . God bless u all for your YES to God.

    • Thank you so much for this story. Truly, we have a God who is faithful although at times we are not. We also lift our hands to God to worship and thank Him for the favor He is giving us by using us as instruments for His glory. God bless you even more, Debra. Share this story to people around you so they could also be inspired and moved them to draw to God for strength and encouragement. Praise God for God’s healing. We want to know more of your story. You can also email us at

  • Akor Enemona

    Faith in God is the only sollutoin to all problems. Your faith in God’ll give you answers in jesus name.

  • marryan

    Thank You po sa mga prayers po ninyo at nakapag EGR po kami grabe po tlga si Lord kumilos salamat po at naka Engkwentro po namin ang Diyos :)) Godbless po

  • Christel

    In the name of Jesus we declare health over Darlene!!! She will live, she will not die. Love the worship, it has power, it´s alive! God bless you all!!

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