Pimple problem? Try God!


Feli before she received healing from severe acne

Anne S. Tiangco, Senior Writer-Editor

FOR many people, pimples are too small a problem to ask help from God.

But for Feli –Rose Rodillas , a Filipina overseas worker in Singapore, her acute acne problem was so severe that it has led her to bouts of insecurity, depression and, eventually, a serious breakdown that she needed and asked for God’s help.

Feli, an employee in a major Singaporean call center, said that when she was still working in the Philippines, she had occasional skin breakouts every now and then but when she got to Singapore, her acne problem became a major cause for concern.

At first, konti lang sya, pero malalaki talaga. And then, ang bilis na niyang kumalat sa buong mukha, especially on the left side of my face, sa bandang ear,” Feli described the severity of her acne problem.

She consulted a Singaporean doctor who gave her medication but the effects, she said, were painstakingly slow.

Alam ko I was just trying to convince myself na gumagaling sya pero sa totoo lang, halos walang nangyayaring pagbabago, “she said.

Adding to her woes, are the stares and remarks she got from the office which made her feel even worse.

Alam mo naman sa Singapore, ang kikinis ng mga tao and very particular sila sa makinis na balat, kaya lagi nila kong tinatanong, what happened to your face? And masakit yun,” she confessed.

Feli added that her insecurity was at its lowest that every time she reports for work, she deliberately slides down on her chair so that her co-employees won’t see her in her cubicle.

Ang feeling ko ang pangit-pangit ko,” Fely adds.

Agonizingly waiting for results for months and seeing none, Fely broke down and questioned God:

Lord, hindi na nga ako maganda, hindi pa ako makinis? Bakit naman ganun?” she remembered saying.

Finally, she told her mom about her acute acne problem over the phone. Her mom advised her to watch The 700 Club Asia. And that night, Feli did.

When Pastor Peter Kairuz prayed for healing for someone with a serious skin disease on the left side of her face, I was shocked. And then I began to doubt, para sa akin kaya yung prayer na yun? And surprisingly, Pastor Peter continued with his prayer and said, oo, para sayo yan, as if reading my thoughts,” Feli said.


Feli with confident look after receiving healing from acute acne

Feli claimed the prayer for healing and while crying, she did not wipe her tears away and instead massaged it on her face, especially on the areas where there was heavy concentration of pimples.

“All of a sudden, I felt a surge of peace and lightness. I rushed to the bathroom and broke down once more, because I saw that the swelling on my face has miraculously subsided. God healed my acute acne problem almost instantly!” Fely beamed.

Immediately, she took a selfie of her “healed” face and sent the before and after pictures to CBN Asia as her living testimony of the power of God.

With God’s instant healing that she received through The 700 Club Asia, Fely has regained her confidence at work and said: “God is bigger than all of our problems and He is even the best dermatologist in the whole world!”

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  • Eingelbert

    I’ve been facing the same situation. It is hard going to school with such an acne breakout. You don’t want to show your face because you’re ashame and scared of criticisms. And some of your family members still judge you’re ugly because I have many acne in my face even in my body. But I’m still hopeful it will be gone someday. Maybe God uses this for me to be connected with him. And I began to cast out my insecurities and anxiousness pertaining to my acne breakouts. I still have acne today but I know that God would provide miracles and healings to me. And I like to ask prayers for me to overcome my situation. Thank you

    • Hello Eingelbert, thank you for sharing with us. We speak healing and restoration upon your acne. May God give you the strength and wisdom to overcome your situation, God is always for you and He is directing your steps. We are standing with you in prayer and faith during this time.

  • Kathy

    Been suffering with acne for 3 years. I’ve been in and off sa antibiotics and pills prescribed by various dermatologists and obgynes. Feeling hopeless every day like I literally cry din every night. I will also get married this year so I always pray to God na ito na lang gift nya. But oftentimes I feel hopeless kasi wala namang pinagbabago mukha ko, almost everyday there will emerge a cystic acne that would go away for weeks. I feel so ugly and insecure. My face is full of acne and dark spots and deep acne scars that I think would be permanent. Sana i-heal na ako ni Lord. Asking for prayer.

    • Our Lord is able to provide comfort and healing for you, Kathy. Jeremiah 30:17 says, “But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD” The Word of God can be your source of supernatural help. Don’t give up! We speak healing upon you from head to tiptoe. In Jesus name. Amen! Believed and received it. In Jesus name. Amen and amen! Feel free to call our 24/7 prayer center at 8-737-0700. God bless!

  • Promise

    Wow i really thank GOD for that healing and i believe him for mine

    • Nothing is impossible with God. Let us continue to believe that He hears our prayers and will do what is best for us. Please feel free to call our 24/7 Prayer Center at 737-0700 or chat with us anytime. God bless you always.

  • Christia Colegio

    Ipanalangin niyo rin po ako na sana gumaling na ung aking acne. Noon, bihira ako magkaroon ng acne pero ngayon kumakalat na siya sa aking mukha. Pakiramdam ko ang pangit pangit ko at I always feel insecure because of the way I look. Dati, I had so much confidence because I had a clear skin. Nung lumipat ako sa US nagsimula na siya lumala, at 2 taon na ay meron parin akong acne. Di ko na alam gagawin ko. Pakiramdam ko tinalikuran na ako ng Panginoon pero alam ko na andiyan Siya para sakin. Stressed din ako, I’m so scared of talking to others, and I feel anxious about everything, I just feel empty. And lost. And alone. I don’t like going out, or trying new things. Ang laking challenge nito para sakin. Hindi ko na kaya. Ang tagal ko ng nananalangin sa Panginoon pero di niya ako naririnig. Please, pray for me. I know nothing is impossible for him, so please pray for me.

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