Jao Mapa awed by nameless, faceless donors at “Buti Na Lang May Pasko” of The 700 Club Asia

jao-mapa-for-onlineACTOR and PAINTER Jao Mapa echoes the sad sentiment of everyone these days, as an aftermath of the super typhoon Yolanda and the recent Bohol quake, the Zamboanga clash and the other calamities that hit the country.

“It really hit me and I feel for the victims of these calamities and we as a nation should do everything that we could to help them rise up again,” Jao said.

A father of three, Jao said that their young children have been asking about the tragedy as media is bombarded by the tragic news.

Jao was among the many celebrities who volunteered their time to take calls from donors during the second night of the “Buti Na Lang May Pasko” special live show of The 700 Club Asia. Jao said he feels blessed enough to have been part of the fund-raising drive as his own little way of helping the people of Visayas get help as soon as possible.

Jao said he was not at all surprised by the number of callers and said that he is very touched by the kindness and generosity of these people, especially the donors who want to remain faceless and nameless but are sincerely giving help from their hearts.

He adds that he may not be able to go and visit the victims of these tragedies but they are definitely in his and his family’s prayers. To the victims, Jao has this to say: ‘Never stop praying, just keep on going. Never stop believing that even if life’s challenges seem to push you down, our Lord Jesus Christ is always there to lift us up.”

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