Of Ghosts, Demons and Halloween

Anne S. Tiangco, CBN Asia Senior Writer

From trick or treats to the most insanely frightening ghoulish costumes and spine-tingling decors, Halloween celebrations have become a scary norm all over the world.

Here in the Philippines, the Halloween fever is felt in the smallest of barangays as it is in the most posh villages.

The “dead” comes back to life, complete with their bloodied, torn-up garments. Full-size images of witches, skeletons and other creatures of the dark are hung from trees. Creepy caskets guard the front yards of glitzy homes as mystical music eerily plays in the background.

ID-10055117What people probably do not know is that beneath the fun, party atmosphere of Halloween celebrations, this pagan festival is a breeding ground for demonic activities,” warns Peter Kairuz, President and Chief Executive Officer of CBN Asia and host of The 700 Club Asia.

Gone are the days when Halloween revelers could wear whatever costume they want to like angels, superheroes, cowboys and Indians. Today, if you’re not wearing something that is scary enough, then you’re not in,” Peter adds.

He explained that the sickeningly gory costumes in present Halloween celebrations create fear, especially among children. Worse, Halloween party-goers should realize that the demonic spirits use these pagan celebrations as a platform to wield their evil influences.

Citing a true story, Peter shared that there was an instance when one pastor had conducted a series of deliverance sessions with a young boy who got demonized while innocently house-hopping for the traditional “Trick or Treat.”

This young boy was so happy when he received candies in his Trick or Treat rounds. He ate the candies and got demonized. During the deliverance sessions, it showed that someone had cast a spell on the candies distributed to the kids. Evil people use these celebrations to prey on unknowing victims, especially the children whose hearts are so pure and so open,” Kairuz said.

A much better option to Halloween parties is the Harvest Parties now popular in Christian churches.

At Harvest Parties, kids could wear any costume they want but no scary costumes are allowed. Some kids even wear costumes of Biblical characters. There are lots of fun games and activities. Unlike Halloween parties which is dominated by fear rather than fun, Harvest parties are purely fun activities. It is also safer because the activities are done in the church so that kids do not need to go house-hopping for their Trick or’ Treat,” Peter added.

At Halloween celebrations, you unknowingly invite the creatures of the dark, there are possibilities that you could get demonized, there are chances that you could be put under a spell. It could never be pleasurable and definitely not safe, especially for our children.,” Peter explained.

Frequent The 700 Club Asia guest and resource speaker, Pastor Hiram Pangilinan, Senior Pastor of Church So Blessed speaks strongly against Halloween celebrations, saying it glamorizes demonic spirits.

With extensive experience in casting out evil spirits, Pastor Hiram said that Halloween festivities desensitize people to the real nature of the demonic realm and would be like partying with the devil.

People participate in Halloween activities with no clue that by doing so, they are actually playing games with the devil,” Pastor Hiram warns.

He explained that the original meaning of hallows is saints and that Halloween was originally a celebration of the lives of those who have gone ahead.

Pastor Hiram is quick to add that demonic spirits lurk everywhere, waiting at every opportunity to pounce on their unknowing victims and Halloween becomes a huge “playground” for them to do so.

Horror movies, Pastor Hiram said, also open up the viewers to the demonic world.

When you watch a horror film, you get scared. And fear is the stronghold of the demon. Horror films find inspiration in real life and it is sad because these movies magnify the power of darkness, the power of evil and belittles the power of God,” he said.

And, yes, Pastor Hiram comfirms that kapres, duwendes and creatures of the dark are not mere folk tales. In fact, he has cast out demons in many haunted houses including one house in Binangonan where there were frequent “kapre” sightings.

Pastor Hiram said that any believer could cast an evil spirit away.

The formula is very simple. The believer should confess his sins first, renounce the sins and then cast the demons out,” he said.

However, he said that there are no real ghosts.

These are demons pretending to be spirits of our loved ones. There are no spirits of our departed loved ones appearing to us and this is very clear in the Bible. In Hebrews 9:27 it states that it is appointed for a man to die once and after that, judgment. So once people die, they go to their place of judgment already and this place of judgment is either heaven of hell,” Pastor Hiram said.


  • Barcelona, Malou

    i want and need this super book BIBLE APP.

  • This is very true!

  • This very true!

  • Pamela Dolly P.Portugal

    I truly agree! When I was a catholic,I used to watch horror movies and I couldnt sleep! I also afraid being alone at night. I saw lots of happenings which childish like as my mom and my husband thought. Until,I started watching700 club asia.It was 2009 when Ptr. Hiram talked about white lady etc that they are evil spirits.Jesus Christ is my Savior! Im now with Cornerstone Ever.Im strong with God!

    • Hello Pamela, Thank you for visiting our website, as well giving us a comment regarding this matter. Let us always remember that Let us always depend accordingly to the word of God if we may feel trouble, weary and depressed. And thank God for His word who gives us freedom indeed in our lives. Without God we can do nothing. May the Lord give you always courage and strength to be a good example. God bless you!

    • Pamela, Thank you for visiting our website. I believe that if God is with us who can be against us. When we received Christ as our Lord and Savior He has set us free from all anxiety, troubles, wearies. He gives us hope and light. For we can truly depend on Him. May you grow in Christ stronger and deeper. God bless you!

    • ranajiit

      Being a Catholic is none a lesser christian. Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement in Diocesan level, as well of Covenanted Communities do evangelize their flock on the danger of dabbling on occult and pagan practices.

      As the church has done its part in proclaiming the truth. Its up to us whether we accept this grace or not.And by the grace of God, may He touch his flock to know Him better. To know God is a continous decision.

      Many Catholic preachers, lay or priests are empowered by the Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit, through Evangl

    • As Christian, it’s our duty to know God deeper. Through our relationship to Him and divine guidance of the church. The Roman Catholic Church does not leave her flock by always reminding us of the dangers in occult dabbling, animistic pagan culture, and of the new age.

      It’s the up to us, through freewill, whether we listen to the grace of God, through our leaders.

      God has given us a choice.

      If we see animistic and pagan practices done outside the confine of some Catholic and protestant churches, it does not denote that the church are agreeable on these. Let us be reminded that outside the gates of the church, the state takes over.Nonetheless, leaders never lacks in teaching their flock to avoid and shun these demonic practices.

      Heavenly battle takes over now, and we are given a chance whether we accept Jesus as our King, Lord, God, and Savior.

      Or we choose satan and his worldy offer.And what’s on stake our soul and salvation.


      Many Catholic churches has Saint’s Parties for kids on Halloween. Instead of scary costumes, the kids wear saints and biblical character costumes.

      The faithful are also encourage on Halloween to visit cemeteries and remember their loved ones. Thus fostering family bonds and ties for the families and clans.

      What Halloween to All Saints Day, and All Soul’s Days are truly for us, it’s a day of celebration in remembering the saints and of all the holy persons (Catholic or not) worth emulating for, through coming to God by: PRAYER

      Satan through the rise of the New Age, tries to ruin these celebrations by invading the christian world through satanic and evil practices.

      Like any celebration (inculturated from paganism into christianity) if we rightly centered on the Lord Jesus, and remember that day as a gift of live’s renewal through Him. Our lives will be filled with grace and deeper relationship with Him, thus be protected from the gates and powers of hell.

  • zotico Bernal Mendi

    i agree..this Pagan Festival is attracting Evil Spirits.A Demonic Festival!!!!

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