An Epileptic Woman’s Faith

 By Deborah Ann Bataller

For nearly 15 agonizing years, Leslie suffered from epilepsy. The torturesome illness, with its sudden, involuntary and excruciating seizures, deprived her of a normal life.

But Leslie kept her hopes up, praying that one day, healing would come.


Leslie with her husband and children

A mother of three young kids and a home-based writer, Leslie had difficulty performing daily tasks and fulfilling her role as a mom.

“Most of the time, the seizures happen at night so I usually lack sleep.  As a result, I easily get grumpy and I would vent out my anger on my kids.”

In July 2013, Leslie’s seizures became more frequent and lasted longer than usual.  “For two weeks, I had uncontrollable seizures in the evening. Those nights were the worst,” she said.

Faith in Action

A long-time viewer of The 700 Club Asia, Leslie finds comfort in watching the testimonies featured on the show and joining the hosts in praying every night.

Finally, the night that Leslie had been waiting for came. “I heard Peter [Kairuz] praying for a woman suffering from epilepsy and right that moment, I claimed the healing!” she exclaimed.

“When we woke up the next morning, my husband and I couldn’t believe that I did not have any seizures! It was the first time I slept that well in years! I was so happy because I knew that I was healed!” shared Leslie.  Since that night, Leslie has not had epilepsy attacks.

“Through The 700 Club Asia, I experienced God’s wonderful miracle. I thank God for hearing my prayers. It really pays off to keep your faith even when it seems hard to do so.”

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  • Remedios A. Juego

    Thanks for the inspiring story…i beg you to please include in your prayer i believe in God’s will thats why i came across your site,i need your prayer pls.

  • Helena Alcuizar

    This testimony gives me hope. I can relate to this. My baby has seizure disorder since he was four months old. Now, he is one and a half year old. Every month, since Sep 2012, he is in the hospital. Three of which, he was placed in the ICU because his seizures were uncontrollabe for hours. We pray everyday that his seizures will stop so he will live a normal life just like babies of his age. He has motor delays due to the frequent attacks and is now on physical therapy. I strongly believe that God will completely heal him in His time and I will not stop believing that someday he will be able to walk on his own and grow up to be a fine, young man that God wants him to. Please let me know where I can watch The 700 Club Asia episodes here in the Philippines. Thank you.

    • Hi, Helena! Thank you for reading this article. We are one with you in praying for the healing of your baby from seizures. It is really wise of you to put your hope in God, as said in Isaiah 40:31 – “but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”. God bless you and your family.

  • Edmund Odiver

    Dear 700 Club,

    Good Morning! I just watch your show here in Qatar a couple days ago and I saw to it that you can heal all illness. I have an epilepsy for almost 25years now it was start this one since I’ve got an accident when i’m in high school days after a year of that incident my seizure came to me almost 3 to 5 times a month it attack me. I have so many medicine even in many “Albularyo” in batangas I came but still it doesn’t effect the healing. But till now Im going for check-up to UST regularly every 6months since this attack on me. Maybe you can heal me coz I watch your TV early morning today and I heard that you can heal an epiletic patient. Please do help me on this coz I suffered since I’m 15yrs old till now I want to remove this so I can work properly without any thinking that it will attack me when I’m working.

    God Bless your program & more power.


    • Hello Edmund.Thank you for visiting our account. Rest assured we will include you in our prayers. Jesus loves you and He is willing to heal you. We want to talk to you. You can contact us through this number 8107717/8107176 or you can keep in touch with us through our YM (tsca.cbnasia) or Skype (the700clubasia) God bless you Raymund. Have faith in God!

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