The 700 Club Asia Celebrates Israel’s 65th Founding Anniversary


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During a suspense-filled special plebiscite at the United Nations in 1947, the Philippines was the only Asian nation that cast a “yes” vote for the revival of the Jewish state of Israel. The Philippines’ ballot was the swing vote in a very tight race to partition British-mandated Palestine into two nations– the Kingdom of Jordan for the Arabs, and Israel for the Jews.   Jews all over the world erupted into cheers, danced in the streets and wept with joy as their Biblical homeland was restored after almost two thousand years and formally launched as an  independent state on May 14, 1948.  Among the youngest citizens of the new democracy  were two million Jewish children and teenagers under the age of 16 whose parents had been killed in the Holocaust and whose properties and homes had been seized by the anti-Semitic Nazi regime of Germany.

Thanks in part to the Philippine vote, reborn Israel commemorates its 65th anniversary as an independent nation this year 2013 . To mark the event, The 700  Club Asia television program will launch “Israel in Focus,” a five-day celebration of the close  historical, spiritual and cultural ties between the Biblical Holy Land and the Philippines, called the first and oldest Christian nation in Asia.

The shows will be aired from May 13 (Monday) to May 17 (Friday) at 11:00 pm on GMA News TV. 

The Tuesday program will feature excerpts from “Escape to the Philippines,” a film by 3Roads Communications, documenting how Jews  found safe haven in the Philippines during World War II, when President Manuel Quezon opened the country’s doors to up to 10,000 Jews fleeing genocide in Hitler’s concentration camps. Quezon is credited with saving as many Jews as the celebrated German businessman Oscar Schindler whose rescue of 1,200 Jews was dramatized in the Steven Spielberg film “Schindler’s List.” In 1940,  1,200 German and Austrian Jews made it to the Philippines and were given free land in Quezon’s personal estates in Marikina and Mindanao. In his personal memoirs, Quezon wrote: “Jesus Christ was a Jew.  Every Jew I met was good, kind, talented. How can we not be enriched?”

The documentary features interviews with now elderly Jewish refugees who recall their childhood in Manila. One of the survivors,  Ralph Preiss, a former IBM computer engineer,   helped create the radar system that prevents airplanes from colliding in mid-air. “By saving those Jewish lives, you (Filipinos) saved so many other lives,” observed Dr. Racelle Weiman, a senior director of Dialogue Institute, Temple University in Philadelphia who provided the research for the film.

The Wednesday program features the “miracle babies” of Pastor Steve and Rose Mirpuri. Steve had a low sperm count and Rose had an inverted uterus and they were childless for 15 years. Until Pastor Steve went periodically to Jerusalem to pray at the Western Wall, only surviving remnant of the ancient Holy Temple built by Solomon. Every time Pastor Steve prayed for a child at the Western Wall, Rose got pregnant. They are now blessed with three children, God’s blessings from the Holy Land.

The Thursday program features “God and Hitler,” a CBN International documentary  revealing how German dictator Adolf Hitler’s “Final Solution,” not only involved the eradication of Jews but Catholic priests and Protestant pastors.  Hitler rejected the Bible as a corrupted book written by Jews and wrote his own “Scriptures,” made his own version of the 10 Commandments which ended with “Honor the Fuehrer,” and made schoolchildren sing hymns extolling him as “Savior” and “Lord.” The show also features 89-year old Holocaust survivor Mimi Hillenger, now living in Cebu, whose left arm still bears the tattoo of her German concentration camp number.

The Friday program features a news report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and how Palestinians who have become believers in Jesus Christ, Prince of Peace, have learned to love and the Jews and affirem that Israel is the Biblical Promised Land where Jesus Christ will return as Messiah (Savior) at the end of the age.

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