Shattered Home, Unyielding Hope

What seemed to be an ordinary day turned out to be a day that Aileen Isahan, 21, of Sitio Bacao, Barangay Salomague in Paniqui, Tarlac would never forget.

At around 2 in the afternoon, Aileen and her daughter Cheiann, 3, were resting on their bed. Her husband was in the farm, harvesting turnips. The rain poured heavily outside, and the wind howled ferociously. Suddenly, she felt that their house was shaking. Startled, she started packing their things, thinking that she might be able to salvage them. Cheiann was sitting on the bed and was crying uncontrollably. She looked outside. All she saw was white mist enveloping them and above them were dark skies. She, then, turned to her daughter who was filled with fear and carried her towards the kitchen where they found it safest. She wanted to run oustside but she knew it was not safe, too. So, she just knelt down and tightly hugged her baby who was already pale.

The turmoil lasted for almost 15 minutes. Then, the wind began to settle, and there was silence. When she looked up, she saw the sky. Their roof was no more. She looked around and saw trees that were fallen. Their walls fell down. Her home was gone. Her family, along with two other families, transferred to the evacuation center of their barangay where they have been staying for several days now. With only clothing and kitchen utensils salvaged, she doesn’t know how to start over. Her husband only earns 100 pesos a day and this does not suffice for them to survive.
DSCN0096---for-webFortunately, kind and compassionate souls still exist. Operation Blessing Philippines visited their barangay to distribute relief goods that contain clothing, packs of rice, and hygiene kits that contain soap and sachets of shampoo and conditioner. They didn’t just receive material gifts, they were given what they really needed – encouragement. Volunteers took time to listen to their experiences, to bless them and pray for them.

“I am really grateful to know that there are people like you who care. We are really saddened by what happened but we are grateful because, at least, we are alive. Thank you for the gifts you have given us. It will help us to start over,” Aileen gratefully said.

In the middle of summer, the rains poured heavily and the winds blew hard. What should have served as a place of refuge became the very place of danger. In the ironies of life, one thing remained constant—God is good. Despite the devastating wind that wrecked their home, Aileen and her family was given another chance at life. In the midst of a hopeless situation, hope stayed. They may have lost their properties and belongings but the tornado could not take away the most important thing they have…hope.Indeed, Aileen’s home was shattered but her hope, unyielding.

The family of Aileen needs your help to rebuild their house. They are calling for generous hearts to help them rebuild what has been taken away from them by nature.


Whether big or small, your wholehearted donation will surely go a long way for our kababayans affected by the tornado. Click HERE to know how you can be a part of our disaster response efforts.

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