Apology Accepted: Netizens Support ‘Amalayer’

‘Amalayer’ finally has had enough. It’s time to close the door and put the past behind, and it seems like quite a number of netizens are finally done hating her. 

After almost five months since her controversial “Amalayer” video went viral, Paula Jane Salvosa, who was caught on video berating a lady guard, appeared in a tell-all interview on The 700 Club Asia not to fight with anyone but to apologize and reveal her untold story.

In the interview, Paula poured her heart out, talked about her new-found relationship with God, and also grabbed the opportunity to admit her fault, say sorry and express her regret for causing the much talked-about scene she caused at the LRT 2 station.

It may have taken her one bold move to earn the support of her former detractors and tormentors, but for Paula, it’s worth all the risk. In no time, the interview spread rapidly and stirred up positive comments and reactions from Filipinos online and even compelled some of Amalayer haters to sympathize with Paula and accept her apology.


The interview, which was uploaded on The 700 Club Asia’s YouTube channel, became viral instantly. ABS-CBN’s late night news program Bandila even did its own news segment based on the interview, emphasizing how Paula now calls herself a “Princess of God”.

While many still remain skeptic about Amalayer’s transformation, Paula said she is thankful for all the hate hurled at her during that difficult time in her life. If not for the Amalayer video, Paula may not have found her new identity in Christ. | by Deb Bataller, CBN Asia

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  • strongestkarate

    boring and dumb as a pail of rocks.

  • Melfreda Sosoban

    Truly I’m amazed with my ABA FATHER, He who capture and perfecter of our faith. In deed the greatest testimony of how God moved and transformed each one is the testimony of our lives being transformed and renewed by God.
    Let every tongue confess that You are God and let every knees bow down to our Mighty King.
    To Paula let’s continue to draw closer to Him and know Him even more and let us all be the Bride of Christ.

    • Hi, Melfreda! Thank you for reading the post. I agree with your encouragement to Paula. Surely, like Paula God is changing all who follow His statutes from glory to glory. God bless you.

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