Get Inspiring Ringback Tones from The 700 Club Asia

Just one call to your mobile phone can uplift a soul! You can now do this when you subscribe to inspirational ringback tones from The 700 Club Asia.

The flagship TV program of CBN Asia partnered with multi-awarded learning events organizer Salt and Light Ventures to produce Bible ringback tones that not only remind us of God’s powerful word but also leave a positive impact to your callers.

Choose from 12 ringback tones featuring The 700 Club Asia hosts Peter Kairuz, Felichi Pangilinan-Buizon, and Camilla Kim-Galvez as they read well-loved and uplifting verses from the Bible.

When you subscribe, these ringback tones are free for the first five days and costs only P1 per day for the succeeding 15 days. Also, a part of your purchase goes to the various projects of CBN Asia, including humanitarian projects for healthcare, disaster relief, and community transformation through Operation Blessing.

To get the list of ringback tones and instructions on how to subscribe, text 700CLUB to 2910. This service is currently available for Globe users.

Soon, these ringback tones will also be offered to Smart and Sun subscribers, with new additions from The 700 Club Asia hosts and broadcast veterans Kata Inocencio, Mari Kaimo, and Alex Tinsay.

The 700 Club Asia airs weeknights at 11 p.m. on GMA News TV and other broadcast partners. To know more about the show and the inspirational ringback tones, like us on Facebook,, follow us on Twitter, @The700ClubAsia, or visit | by Lawrence San Diego, CBN Asia


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