Sowing on Good Soil

Giving without expecting anything in return is not the norm these days. More often than not, when people give, they anticipate something in return.

But when Florian Lee learned how to sow financial seeds, give cheerfully and unselfishly, she need not ask nor expect. Surprising returns and consecutive blessings followed her footsteps. She reaped quite a number of good fruits. After all, she is sowing on good ground.

Planting the Seeds

Florian, a real estate broker from Pampanga, started giving to The 700 Club in 2009. Since then, she has been faithfully allocating a portion of her monthly salary for her membership.

She said, “I enjoy watching The 700 Club Asia because it depicts different stories from all walks of life.”

Having witnessed on the show how her donations reach thousands of Filipinos through Operation Blessing’s humanitarian efforts and programs, Florian committed to support its vision through a monthly pledge. And this gesture even so brought her faith to a new level.

Blessings in Tough Times

It was in December 2009 when Florian had a miscarriage. She was supposed to give birth to twins. Yet the heartbreaking truth didn’t stop her from fulfilling her commitment to God. She continued to fulfill her monthly pledge to The 700 Club. And she reaped what she sowed.

“I honestly didn’t know where to get the money to pay the hospital bills. I became worried. Surprisingly, I received a cash incentive from work and used it to pay all the hospital expenses,” she recalled.

She added, “Having lost my precious babies, it was also God who helped me get through my pain and grieving. His overwhelming love and comfort surrounded me and my whole family.”

Then that same year, she and her husband were blessed financially and had their most awaited church wedding. Once more, they exchanged their marriage vows. Both agreed it was sweeter the second time because it was held in a church.

Her succession of blessings didn’t end there. Florian was promoted as manager and was even assigned as head of not just one but three new projects! In addition, their company’s sales went up under her leadership.

“God’s provisions are always on time. When I need it the most, blessings just come. My family never starves and we never lack,” Florian testified.

“Now I’ve proven that sowing into the Lord’s Kingdom is all worth it. God is concerned with every detail of my life. He knows all my needs and worries. I just have to trust Him and seek His Kingdom first. I will never regret giving to His ministry in The 700 Club!” | by Deb Bataller, CBN Asia


Many Filipinos have proven how supporting the Lord’s cause through The 700 Club has blessed their lives as well. Sign up to be a partner TODAY!


  • Grace

    greetings in peace! Thank you po for this testimony.I,myself also experience miscarriage last Sept 17,it was a missed abortion,my baby was already 5mons. At first I blame myself because
    I didnt go regularly at my OB and I asked God why…why my baby? marami namang iba..but with the
    goodness of our Lord Jesus,He continuously working on me. I believe in the power of prayers,we lack
    of finances that time..but God moves and provided what we exactly need.God did miracles each day
    and I’m one of the living testimony of it. God Bless po!

    • Hello Grace,

      We pray for the strength for you and your baby, may you deliver your child in the due date and may God provide for all your needs. We pray for financial blessings and prosperity for your family. Continue to believe in God, spend time in prayer and in reading His word, this will cause your faith to grow. You can call us at our 24/7 hotline numbers for a more personal ministry.

      God bless you!

      24-hr Phone hotlines:
      (632) 8107717
      (632) 8107176
      Toll Free No: 1-800-1-888-8700

  • Beverly Repolido

    I am blessed on her testimony because we are of the same type or work. I am also an avid viewer of 700 Club and a faithful giver. It’s true that God will pour out His blessings and give back we had given to him in countless folds, pressed down, shaken together and running over. I just ask for a prayer that God will sustain me in all the trials and challenges i am facing now with my work. Non stop pressure on hitting quotas, handling and leading different personality of a person. And most of all please pray that God will use my position to His will and purpose for me. God Bless!

    • Hello Beverly,

      Thank you Beverly for being an avid viewer as well as supporter of The 700 Club Asia, we pray for God’s strength and peace with all the demands of your work and life as a whole. May you find strength in Him as you recognize that it is only through Him that we could accomplish things. May God give you guidance and wisdom in leading people, and may He open doors of opportunity for lives of people to be touched through you. God bless!

  • daicelle

    Hello!How can I be a partner of 700 Club?.

    • daicelle

      I know now.:)

    • Hi Daicelle, Thank you for your desire to be a partner of God’s Ministry. You may send your monetary pledge thru any MLhullier outlet near you. Just fill-out the customers information sheet and write CBN Asia Inc. as receivers name and get your receipt as proof of your donation. You may call our Prayer Center# 8107717/8107176 for more details. May the Lord bless you beyond measure.

  • Matthew

    Dear 700 club asia,
    I am thankful that our God is so faithful, especially to the lives of my family. I ask Him for the continuous provision/supply of all our needs. I pray also that God would answer my prayer in my relationship aspects particularly the need for love of a special someone that come in to my life. I ask it and receive it, by faith in our almighty God, all the honor and praise belongs to him. Hallelujah!!!

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