The Hand That Heals and Provides

What will it take you to trust God completely? 

When Marilou Alarcon of Laguna was diagnosed with anal fissures and hemorrhoids, her hopes of working abroad began to vanish. She was afraid she wouldn’t be cleared to go because of her illness.

“I wanted to work overseas because my husband’s also having trouble landing a job. That’s the only way I can think of to help my family,” she said.

“Because of our financial lack, I ignored my ailing body and painful condition. Still I tried applying for jobs abroad.”

Unfortunately, Marilou’s medical exams blew off her chances of leaving the country. Despite being advised by a doctor to undergo operation, she did not heed it at first.

“I was worried about the expenses if I would proceed with the operation. At that time, I was sure we did not have enough money to push through with it.”

Step of Faith

A long-time viewer of The 700 Club Asia, Marilou gets encouragement from the show’s inspiring stories of healing, blessings, and miracles. She also became a faithful member of The 700 Club as she never fails to give her monthly pledge to the ministry.

“When I found out I was sick, I started claiming my healing. Each time I watch The 700 Club Asia, I always pray with the hosts,” she shared.

“Watching the show made me realize I should really trust God. It made me realize that sometimes, God uses science and medicine to bring healing to our sick bodies. And with that, I agreed to have the surgery without knowing where to get the money to pay for it. It was indeed a step of faith.”

And because she remained true to her giving and commitment and trusted wholeheartedly, the Lord heard her prayers.

‘Expected’ Miracle

Marilou underwent the operation, strongly hoping a miracle would take place. With encouragement from The 700 Club Asia, her faith intact, and with prayers from family and friends, her fears and worries melted away.

True enough, she got her expected miracle. “I had a successful operation. What’s more amazing is that we didn’t pay anything at all! Our Philhealth request was approved and all our expenses were covered. I checked out of the hospital worry-free! It was a miracle!” she exclaimed.

After the surgery, she was warned that trips to the toilet would be really painful. However, incredibly, Marilou experienced the opposite.

“I didn’t experience that kind of pain at all. There was not a hint of excruciating or intolerable pain. I believe it was God who made my healing process a breeze.”

She testified, “Words can’t describe how grateful I am. Truly, God not only has hands that provide. He also has hands that heal. I also thank The 700 Club Asia for being His instruments of blessings and healing. I am even more encouraged to continue supporting this wonderful ministry.” | by Deb Bataller, CBN Asia


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  • Amy Batutay

    God , is always with us, He moves in mysterious way,and miracles happened everyday…He is the best Doctor,Protector and Provider, just leave everything to Him,and He will take care everything, just keep your Faith on Him tru Jesus…and it will manifest eveyrthing in your daily living….TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

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