No Dream Too High, No Star Too Far

Every kid would love Ruther Urquia and his puppets. With their funny and adorable tandem, Ruther and his puppet friends surely know how to entertain people. Even adults couldn’t help but laugh their hearts out.

For Ruther, what started as a simple hobby became a dream come true.

“I was a Sunday school kid and mahilig na talaga ako sa puppets. Kasi ‘yung generation namin lumaki sa mga puppets,” Ruther recalled. It was during these childhood years that he got the idea for Titoy, his kid puppet.

“Lahat ng kakulitan ko, kay Titoy napunta, at doon sa kaibigan niya na orangutan na si Tango.”

However, since his parents would often take him to seminars and events for adults, Ruther was exposed to maturity early, and that’s where his other friends were born, like Lolo Teddy.

“Lolo Teddy is a puppet who likes to give marriage counseling. Kung kay Titoy napunta ang kakulitan ko, kay Lolo Teddy naman napunta yung maturity ko.”

After joining Pilipinas Got Talent and qualifying for the grand finals, Ruther and his puppets became instant celebrities. Having a taste of the limelight was something the puppeteer and ventriloquist did dream of and hoped for, but not his detractors.

“Marami nagsasabi sa akin dati na hindi ko kaya at marami ang pumipigil. Pero hindi ko hinayaan na pigilan nila ang pangarap ko. At noong dumating na ang big break ko, isa lang ang nasabi ko sa mga pumipigil sa akin: ‘Sabi ko sa inyo eh!’”

But Ruther’s way to success was not an easy road. Like many upstarts, he also experienced tough times and challenging situations that tested his faith and perseverance before he reached his goals.

Watch his inspiring and fun interview with Camilla Kim-Galvez, and meet his cool puppet friends on tonight on The 700 Club Asia, 11 p.m. on GMA News TV. | by Deb Bataller, CBN Asia

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