When Ten Equals a Hundred

Tithing can be a struggle for many, and for some, even debatable. But for Richard of Pangasinan, tithing is his pledge—his lifetime commitment.

For Richard, giving to God is his own way of saying “thank You” to Him. Little did he know, his “tenth” is worth more than what he thinks.

Richard’s First Fruits

As a freelance cartoonist and artist, Richard devotes most of his time working in his studio, creating masterpieces while hoping that a client would call him up and give him a project to work on.

Each time he gets a job completed and then receives his compensation, Richard would always sense that something needs to be done.

“I have always had this feeling that in every blessing that I receive, I should give a part of it back to God. I just can’t explain it, but I know I really have to do it.”

Time went by and Richard’s hunger for answers to his inexplicable conviction intensified all the more, until one evening in November 2010 came.

“I was watching television, and I saw Peter Kairuz of The 700 Club Asia talking about the importance of giving to God a portion of my income. That night, I got the answers I had been searching for so long.”

A Surprising Reward

“After realizing the importance of tithing, I decided to give 10% of my monthly income to the ministry of CBN Asia,” shared Richard.

Despite his other financial commitments, he always makes it a point to give his pledge to The 700 Club Asia. And true enough, God rewarded his faithfulness.

“I noticed that since I started giving The 700 Club a portion of my income, I never lack. In fact, I even earned more! Client calls are rushing in and the projects are overflowing to the point that I had to form my own team of artists to accommodate all the customers. My earnings multiplied increasingly! It’s quite surprising,” Richard said happily.

He added, “It feels good and fulfilling to be able to give back to God the gifts and provisions He has endowed me with. Thanks to The 700 Club Asia for teaching me the value of tithing and of sowing in His ministry.”

Now, each time Richard works, he works with more motivation and inspiration, knowing that as he allots a portion of his income for God, he’s not only investing in His kingdom, but also opening the windows of heaven in his life.

“I used to be skeptical about the saying, ‘Giving is receiving.’ But it all changed. You see, tithing comes with a whole bunch of surprising rewards, too! It’s really amazing how God multiplies ten percent of my income into a hundred times more!” | by Deb Bataller, CBN Asia



Like Richard, you too can experience a life of abundance when you give faithfully. Call the 24/7 CBN Asia Prayer Center at 810-7176 or 810-7717 (for Metro Manila residents) if you want to know how to invest in His Kingdom.


  • lorie

    pls help me to do that..i want give my 10% income to the Lord but pakiramdam ko laging may pumipigil..pls help me na makawala sa spiritung ito,like fear and doubt.


    Giving ten percent of our income is a command from God and so following His command is an act of our obedience to Him. So we must give cheerfully to God and He will give back. Praise God.

  • Myrza Apla-on

    I’m a tither too and God is so faithful to me with my finances. I used to have credit card and was worried how to pay it, the bank is calling me to pay otherwise they will file a case. So worried about it, that I surrendered to the Lord, the money that I am going to pay, I gave it to the Lord as my tithes. when I try to call the bank to inquire how much should i pay, unbelievable but true, the bank told me I don’t have credit already and it is zero balance. God is so amazing that He proved to me, Tithes is not an obligation but a blessings.

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