Andi Manzano Shares the Music of Her Life (part 2)

by Ruth Manlapaz
CBN Asia Web Content Developer

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The DJ’s Big Boss

Thank to her grandmother, Andi’s mind was opened to the Christian faith when she was still young.

“She brought my mom to church, and my mom didn’t have anyone to bring because my dad didn’t want to go. So I ended up going with my mom when I was 12. And then from 12 to 15, I was forced to go to church every Sunday, and then after that, I made friends. Somebody started discipling me, and then there, I started taking it seriously.”

She admitted she felt obliged to go to church in her first few years. But later on, her reason for attending church became different.

“Once you start enjoying it, once you experience God, and once you’ve experienced it yourself, church becomes a whole different thing already.”

Andi is currently attending Bible studies in New Life Christian Center and goes to church in Victory Christian Fellowship.

“In Victory, there’s this program you need to take, and I wanted to be a missionary actually. So my heart is parang in there, but I know that it can happen in the future. Not now… because my calling is different now, which is what I am doing. I guess it’s a big part of me already that it’s so natural to apply in work and in everyday life also.”

Like how musicians constantly make sure their instruments are in tune, Andi’s parents guided her throughout her teenage life. Andi also thanks fellow Christians who surrounded her as she was growing up.

Composing Her Next Music

Andi is still undecided whether she will continue in showbiz. But right now, she prefers radio more than TV. She said radio is her first love. She also enjoys her online creative work for a company. She said she is enjoying her work right now than being in front of the camera.

“Yes, it does pay more, but it’s different if it’s your own effort… when you actually worked hard for it.”
Andi loves eating, that is why she also plans to open a food business—a restaurant or a wine bar.

“My mom cooks well. So probably she could help me with the food, just to help her at the same time, and then I’ll handle it.”

A DJ’s Advice to Beginners

Andi imparts her advice to Christians who are aspiring to become media practitioners.

“We really need Christians in the media industry and we need Christians that won’t be pushed aside… can say no to a lot of things, because being in the industry, people will say to do this, do that. Sometimes you have to do it because you’re not gonna get the job. But at the end of the day, it really falls down to who is your boss, who you really follow, and who you put your beliefs in. So I would like to see a lot of Christians in the industry. And again, it’s a real battlefield, like you will encounter a lot of people who will test your patience… even what you believe at the same time.”

Lastly, Andi says, “Just have people to remind you and smack you at the head sometimes when you know that you’re going in the wrong direction. Because I have people… they don’t literally smack you in the head… They guide you at the same time, and mentors also, who are in the industry, who can help you. There are so many Christians now in the industry, and it’s nice that we all get together and help each other, and it’s gonna make an impact in the industry.”

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