Someone to Love As We Grow Old

HERMOSA, Bataan — When we get older, we all need someone to be with us, to take good care of our needs and be right there beside us through thick and thin. These are the promises that Lola Clarita vowed to her beloved husband Lolo Juan.

“I still remember those days when we would walk together early in the morning, holding hands, watching the sun to rise,” she said with so much love on her face. “I’m so proud of him! He’s a fearless guerilla during his days!”

Things changed for the aged couple when Lolo Juan had a stroke in 2008, turning his lower body immobile. “If only I can take away the suffering he feels,” Lola Clarita said in tears.

Because of the stroke, Lolo Juan’s strength weakened, so his 73-year-old wife carries him so he can go from one place to another.

Last June, a team from Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines (OB) visited the couple in their home with a new wheelchair for Lolo Juan. In partnership with Free Wheelchair Mission and Adventist Development and Relief Agency, OB is able to give freedom of movement to handicapped Filipinos all over the country through free wheelchairs.

“God is indeed a gracious God and He hears the cry of my heart!” Lola Clarita said to OB. “It is my desire to see my husband live a normal life just like before. This wheelchair is an answer to my prayer!”

“Thank you.” Two words that Lolo Juan uttered that made Lola Clarita burst into tears.

“I’m so excited for tomorrow! Now we can go places and do things we used to do together! Thank you so much for this blessing!” she said.

Indeed, love suffers long and endures till forever. Lola Clarita and Lolo Juan are living proof of that. OB is able to share Christ’s love to others, because we care.


Your support to Operation Blessing can bring hope to more persons with disabilities like Lolo Juan. Call (02) 813-2163 to learn how you can partner with us in our wheelchair distribution program.


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