Helping Today's Women Triumph in Life

Dory’s life was almost complete. A loving husband. A stable job. A comfortable home. It was almost complete, except for one thing. Dory had no child. Due to her irregular menstrual cycle and a big deal of stress from work, she suffered the agony of being childless. For five years, Dory longed and waited. Taunted by some of their friends and relatives, Dory and her husband Allan could only shrug off the comments and hope for a miracle.

“My faith was tested but I held on to it. I refused to believe that our marriage would remain fruitless. I never ceased praying,” she said.

During her quiet and depressing moments, Dory would cry her heart out as her yearning for her own child grew each day. She, then, would regularly call The 700 Club Counseling Center to ask for prayers.

“I feel I’m not alone in my burden. To know that someone is joining me in my prayers is very comforting. Each time I call, not only do I get fresh encouragement, but I also find listening ears that let me pour out my deepest sentiments.”

She added, “There’s a great sense of peace in my heart every time I ask prayers from The Counseling Center. It’s like I’m completely refreshed and my depression suddenly turns into joy.

After five years of non-stop prayers with The 700 Club Counseling Center, Dory’s plea was finally granted. Her barrenness came to an end. It was in August 2009 when Dory found out she was pregnant.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was indeed a miracle and a very timely birthday present. Me and my husband could not stop thanking God for granting our hearts’ desire.”

“ I called the Counseling Center to tell them about the good news. They shared our joy and were very happy for us. Their prayers and counsel helped me get through my lowest moments. It’s really a blessing to know that I can reach them anytime.”

Dory and her husband Allan are now living happily with their 11-month old angel. They named him Aidan which means “fiery-faith”.

Women today have become stronger when it comes to facing life’s challenges. But just like Dory, there are still times when she needs to confide to someone—to just talk openly about her burdens. This is where The 700 Club Counseling Center plays a very vital role.

According to Pastor Salvador Bautista, of The 700 Club Counseling Center, most of the calls that they receive are from women from all walks of life, each with her own share of problems and burdens—marriage, family, parenting, career , finances.

“Many women are usually left alone in their homes with no one to talk to and The 700 Club Counseling Center is just a call and a text away. That makes it easier for them to connect with someone when they are so burdened with their problems,” Pastor Salvador said.

He added, “The advantage of calling the Counseling Center is the guaranteed confidentiality. And that is one very important factor why many women trust us with their problems. We do not teach them to be dependent on us. But we help them become more mature and equipped in overcoming life’s toughest blows by giving them hope and encouragement. We want women to be victors in life.”

Women have different roles in our society and they can do more than what they think they can. The 700 Club Counseling Center is here to uplift the women of today to fulfill their purpose and become better citizens of this country.


Call The 700 Club Counseling Center Call at 810-7176 or 810-7717.
The 700 Club Counseling Center is the counseling arm of The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN Asia), producer of the daily inspirtational show The 700 Club Asia.

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