Better Than a Friend

When I went to the States, I thought everything was okay. I worked and studied at the same time. I had the most of what I can do. But the time came in 1999 when I had to come home because of some health problems. I was burned out and lost balance.

So from a life where I had everything—career, money, all the good and happy things—I had to come home, just to find out I can’t be employed as a teacher in the Philippines because I’m over 35. So from a long time of joblessness, I asked God: Lord, what will I do? Does this mean You are giving me a new direction? When I pray at night I tell God to show me where to go, to show me what to do.

Life has to be functional and must have purpose—I used to be successful in what I do. And since I don’t find any of that in my life, I was really depressed for a long time.

Right now the blessings in my life are my family and The 700 Club Asia. One time when I called the show, a counselor asked me, “Ma’am, what was your lowest point?” I said my lowest point was when I told myself before I went to sleep that I do not want to wake up. But then the Lord picked me up.

My life is like mountains and valleys. I’ve been to the highest mountain; I’ve been to the deepest valleys. But through it all, whenever I fall, I rise, just like in the song: Like the eagle I will fly because the Lord is there. He’s giving wind to my wings.

I tell people that The 700 Club Asia is even better than a friend. It’s just a phone call away. They have time for every call you do. If you want consolation, if you want comfort, if you want God to touch you, this is it. You’re sure you’re talking to someone who is conveying what the Lord wants to tell you and is listening for what you may want to say. The 700 Club Asia really helps people.

I asked the Lord, is this all there is to life? And then deep inside me I hear a voice that says no, this is not all. We are just starting. I am looking forward to a very good life. Whatever I may have now or not have, the Lord is going to supply my needs. He has never failed me. During times when I’m down, I was able to survive. I’m going to rise up.



Call The 700 Club Counseling Center at 810-7176 or 810-7717, and together we will pray for your breakthrough.

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