My God Provides!

I used to work in an outsourcing company. The pay was great, I was earning a lot, but I always felt maxed out. I worked a minimum of 10 hours every day. It was no longer realistic for a single mom like me. I have my two kids, my young niece, and my sickly mother to take care of. My work also takes time away from my ministry at church.

So I decided to resign last October. I was confident that it will be easy for me to look for another job. I was wrong. I’d seldom get job interviews, only to be told I was overqualified for the position I applied for. I used up almost all my savings looking for my next job.

Last December my mother got very sick. She was hospitalized twice, and her chronic sinusitis became so serious she had to undergo surgery. I had no choice but to sell my car, even our jewelries, just so I can support her.

I remember watching The 700 Club Asia one sleepless night. Peter Kairuz was saying his usual prayers for sick people, and then I heard him say: “There’s this person who’s been sending out resumes, trying to look for a job for the longest time. God is preparing this for you. You will get a call.”

I felt so strongly inside me that I was that person he’s talking about. So I prayed really hard, and I asked God for a specific request: Lord, if You’re preparing this job for me, You know my situation. If You can give me a good-paying home-based job so I can look after my family and do my ministry, I will greatly appreciate it.

While waiting for that job to come, people from my church would visit me and my mother. Almost every day they would come to our house and pray for us. As our church friends prayed, I was sure God was actually listening. I was sure He understood our situation.

Last February, my best friend introduced me to an American who recently bought a new health food company. He needs someone who will handle bookkeeping online. It didn’t take too long for him to call me and offer me the job! The company had everything set up so I can work at the comfort of my own home.

Even though I still need a lot of adjustment in my new work, I couldn’t ask for anything more! Now I’m able to spend more time with my children, look after my mom, and meet all our needs. God indeed provides, and He always holds my hand and doesn’t let me go.

Kenji, Manila


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