A Vow of Forever

contributed by Darlene Apanay

Some say there’s no such thing as forever. Promises are meant to be broken, feelings change, and the hype called love becomes passé.

As with the pale colors of winter that eventually melt by spring, liven up by summer, and later produce lovely colors during autumn, romance shifts and changes like the seasons. This is the reason why it’s important to rekindle the fire in marriage and keep a relationship in tune.

Once more, Christian Broadcasting Network Asia reminded pastors and their spouses of their loving vows at the altar during CBN Asia’s Ministering to Ministers events in Laguna and Pampanga.

Browse through Ministering to Ministers event photos on Laguna and Pampanga on our Flickr.

The 700 Club Asia host Peter Kairuz and his wife Christine shares to couples the priceless lessons they learned in their marriage, and how God saw them through even during their most trying times.

One of the participating couples, Romy and Arlyn of Pampanga, shared how their marital struggle is a classic case of miscommunication.

“There are plenty of times when we just sleep through our fights and never talk about them the next morning or in the succeeding days,” Romy admitted.

“But we learned at Ministering to Ministers that it’s not right. We should straighten things out, or at least talk about them.”

Arlyn also emphasized how vital it is to grow in their marriage. It shouldn’t be an end itself but the beginning of an exciting journey.

Lisa and Anselmo of Laguna, married for 25 years and with two grown-up kids, were also more than blessed to participate in CBN Asia’s marriage enrichment event.

“It’s really refreshing. It reminds us of how our relationship as husband and wife should be,” the couple agreed.

Pastors, church workers, and their spouses are never exempt from marital problems. In fact, these ministers bear heavier responsibilities since much is expected from them as spiritual leaders. That’s why the goal of Ministering to Ministers events is to provide an avenue for fellowship and mutual learning, especially for couples who are busy in their ministry.

“It became clear to me that wives should be treated with greater respect,” said Job of Pampanga, while his wife Pau was reminded of how couples must value each other.

She said, “Like what Christine Kairuz shared, God should be our first, but don’t forget that our spouse is next to Him. Love should be expressed unsparingly.”

All the couples went home from the Ministering to Minister events with joy, inspiration, and, most of all, renewed passion in their marriage.

Just like how rainbows are made of sunlight and rain, so do the dynamics of husband and wife: One wouldn’t work without the other. And it’s not just a collaborative two-way effort, but rather three-way—with God at the center of it all.

The rainbow, a mark of God’s promise, reminds us of our vows in the altar: let what God has joined together be not separated forever.


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