A Royal Priesthood, A Privileged People

by Christine Darg, missionary to Israel and the Middle East
(first of three parts)

The other night, we met Filipino workers who work in the Jewish homes and who attend to Holocaust survivors. And the Lord gave me a verse from Isaiah 49, where He gives a prophecy to the Jewish people in the last days to come back to the Middle East. And it applies just as well to their half-brothers, the Muslims. And He says that “nursing kings” and “nursing queens” will come to you and minister to you and bow down to you.

So, Filipinos are not just servants and workers. You are kings and you are queens. Why? Because you are a royal priesthood. Never forget that, no matter how subservient your role may be. Some of you may be engineers, construction workers, some of you may be housemaids. But no matter how low, or middle, or high your task is, you are a king, you are an ambassador, because the Word of God says you are a royal priesthood. And it doesn’t matter if you have to bow down and wash their feet, even for this time only, according to that passage in Isaiah 49.

When we do that in the spirit of love, in the spirit of the Gospel, in the spirit of friendship evangelism, the Word of God says, “Then they will know that I am the Lord.” Whenever a humble servant, whenever a humble man or woman of God comes to an unbeliever in love and serves them, then they’ll know that God is God, then they’ll know that Jesus is Lord. They don’t learn it through argumentation. They learn it through the humility and love of a servant of God. Love is the key.

You are going forth on adventures in God, because the Holy Spirit is adventurous as He leads you day by day. It shows you through a discerning spirit who is ready to receive the Word from the Lord and who is not.
We only have to share the Gospel whenever the Holy Spirit shows us to share, and then our lives speak for themselves, by our character, through our attitude. We are living epistles read by all men. They will know we are Christians by our love.

(lifted from Christine Darg’s speech on the Asian Center for Missions event “The Middle East Crisis: A Scenario for the End Times” last March 2011)

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