Submitting to God’s Will

“I was the black sheep of the family, a rebel in my own way. I never thought God would use me to tend His sheep.”

Looking back to his younger years, Ronnie* of Valenzuela sees himself a hard-headed, rebellious, and disobedient member of his family. He was too proud to submit.

From getting bad records in college to being an activist, Ronnie was always driven by his strong will not to submit to any authority. He then became involved in street gangs, rallies, and demonstrations against their school management. Not long after, he also became hooked in drugs.

“It was my father’s death that opened my eyes to activism. I felt so much anger for him. I could not accept the fact that he won’t be able to support our family any longer,” Ronnie shared. He lived on his own since his father’s death. He was able to finish school through self-support. His military training and his seven-year career in the government taught him even more to follow his own will.

But God made Himself known to Ronnie. “I came to know Christ through an evangelist speaking among a crowd in a university, where I was supposed to join a rally. Since then my life started to change,” he recalled.

But one incident made him turn his back from his faith. He would never forget when he decided to commit suicide after his fiancée left him three days before their wedding. Broken-hearted and very depressed, Ronnie jumped from the fourth floor of a building and fell on his back. He broke his spine and was in a coma for three weeks. The doctors gave their verdict: Ronnie will be paralyzed for life.

But God had better plans. Miraculously, Ronnie regained consciousness! He knew something happened inside his body. He then began undergoing therapy sessions, and after six months he was walking again. The doctors were very much surprised since tests show that his spine is still broken and yet he manages to walk normally.

“I could only say it was a miracle from God. It was a wake-up call for me,” he said. He returned to God to submit to His good and perfect will for his life, and that included being a missionary and training at the Asian Center for Missions (ACM).

“I learned how to submit to authorities. When God called me to feed His sheep, I knew I had to obey. My decision to step down from government service and go full time in God’s service was a very humbling experience. Suddenly, my position did not seem to matter at all,” he said.

Among the first batch of graduates of ACM, Ronnie started embracing his calling to shepherd God’s flock. After his exposure trip to India, he was unstoppable. He pioneered churches in Aurora province in the Philippines and led many young people to Christ. He then went to the Middle East and was able to share the Good News to many Filipino OFWs.

Ronnie made many friends with the nationals and was a positive witness of God’s Word among those open to it. God used him as an instrument of healing for one family whose son had a vehicular accident. Through his knowledge of physical therapy, Ronnie recommended daily exercises that helped the child walk miraculously after several months, reversing the paralysis. A former paralyzed man has helped a paralyzed child walk again.

Ronnie is thankful to ACM for helping him find his God-ordained purpose for his life. “My training at ACM taught me how to use my authority in the right way. I used to be bold in joining rallies and street fights, but now I am bold in proclaiming God’s love to others.”

*Real name withheld for security purposes.


Ronnie discovered something better beyond his past mistakes—a life devoted to cross-cultural missions. You, too, can take your journey of faith a step further. Call the Asian Center for Missions now at 810-5381 or 840-2104 to inquire about our missionary training program.

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