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Our adventure begins in the middle of a hide and seek game. A young boy named Justin Casey finishes counting and starts looking for his friends, Angela Roberts and her brother, Corkey Roberts. They eventually find a house in the middle of the woods. Upon entering the house, they discover a robot called Solar Ion Robot, who calls himself SIR for short. They soon meet the owner of the house, Dr.Humphrey Bumble. He then introduces the children to his greatest invention, the “Flying House,” which is actually a time machine. He then invites the children to witness his experiments to travel back in time. The experiment seems to be a failure and leads SIR to accidentally being charged with lightning energy.

Knocked down, he crashes into the control panel and makes the time machine work. The next thing they know, they are stranded in the past and not knowing when Dr. Bumble will finish fixing the Flying House. In the meantime, Justin, Angela, Corkey, and SIR explore the land where they meet different people from the Bible such as Jesus, John the Baptist, and the Twelve Disciples. The kids witness and become part of the some of the greatest stories ever told and learn valuable lessons in the process.

And so their adventures begin…

Episode Description

Episode 1: Blast Off from the Past

While playing hide and seek in the forest, our friends Justin, Angie, and  Corkey discover the Flying House Here they meet  SIR and Dr. Humphrey Bumble who soon reveals to them that Flying House is actually a time machine. And so their first adventure begins. They go back in the time of John the Baptist’s birth, where the people are awaiting the arrival of the Messiah from heaven. In an unexpected turn of events, Justin was mistaken as the Messiah making him the target of King Herod’s deadly plan. Meanwhile, an angel appears to a virgin woman named Mary and reveals to her who the real Messiah is.

Episode 2: Star- Spangled Night

In this episode, Justin, Angie, Corkey and SIR witness the story of the First Christmas. The stars are shining brightly in Bethlehem and the heavens are rejoicing. The Messiah is born! But not everyone is happy about the baby Jesus’ birth. Having heard of the news from some wise men, an envious King Herod plots to kill the Messiah. Then, an angel suddenly appears to Justin, Angie, and Corkey, and instructs them to find the manger where the baby Jesus is. Seeing the Messiah in the manger, Justin, Angie, and Corkey praise God for the birth of the Savior. Not long after, another angel appears to Joseph and warns him and Mary about King’s Herod’s evil plan to kill the Messiah.

Episode 3: Lost and Found in Time

After Jesus’ birth and the breath-taking escape from Herod, our friends fly back in time to Jerusalem where the 12-year old Jesus travels with Mary and Joseph to celebrate the Passover Feast. However, as Mary and Joseph  journey back to Nazareth, they notice that Jesus is missing! Where could he have gone? Will they be able to find him?

Episode 4: A Voice in the Wilderness

Justin, Angie, Corkey and Sir pleads Dr. Humble to land the Flying House before they go home so they can admire the beauty of the Jordan River. Here they meet Joab, a young  boy who teaches them how to fish and tours them along the river. While enjoying their catch, the kids see John the Baptist preaching the Good News and baptizing the people . Jesus arrives at Jordan  and the kids couldn’t believe their eyes  to see him all grown-up.  John finally  meets the Messiah and baptizes him in the Jordan River.

Episode 5: Speak of the Devil

In this episode, Jesus goes  to the wilderness alone to fast and to pray. Knowing that the journey is long and tiring, our three friends decide to bring  him food and water. But while Jesus is praying, the Devil appears and tempts him. Hungry, tired and thirsty, Jesus experiences the Devil’s enticement. Will Jesus fall into the Devil’s trap?  Find out what important lesson Justin, Angie, and Corkey will learn in this adventure.

Episode 6: All That Glitters
While Dr. Bumble is still trying to fix the Flying House so they can go back to the 20th Century, the kids encounter Matthew, a very rude tax collector, who threatens and forces them to pay the tax for entering the city. Matthew then conspires with the Pharisees to falsely accuse Jesus of forcing people to follow him. Is there still room for change and forgiveness for such a heartless man?
Episode 7: Military Secrets
As Jesus continues to teach the Good News and heal the sick from one city to another, more and more people are convinced that he is the Messiah. Yet a Roman soldier’s servant girl, who blames her master for not caring for them, finds it hard to believe that Jesus can heal her sick brother. Little did she know, her Roman master has secrets that will save her brother and that she’s about to discover.
Episode 8: The Prize that was Won and Lost
After another failed attempt to repair Flying House and return to the present time, the kids are still stuck in Israel with Dr. Bumble and SIR. They arrive in a time where John the Baptist is in prison for speaking about King Herod’s ungodly relationship and Jesus’ disciples are trying to get him out. But King Herod’s cunning and greedy wife, Herodias, wants to get rid of him in fear that John might expose more of their sins. Will John be able to escape the terrible fate he is in?
Episode 9: Another Life
In their next adventure, our friends meet a kind and lovely girl named Maya. She is the daughter of Jairus, a godly synagogue leader who is loved by the people. All seems well until Maya falls seriously ill and dies due to a deadly heart disease. Everyone is shattered by the news but Jairus believes that hope is not lost. He runs to find Jesus and ask for His help. Will his faith be rewarded? Is it possible for a dead person to come alive again?
Episode 10 -- The Runaway
Justin accidentally loses one of the main parts of the Flying House and everyone’s mad at him for causing the delay of the repair. He sets out to find the missing part not knowing he’s bound to witness one of Jesus’ most famous miracles told in the Bible. But will he find what he’s looking for and make up for his mistake?
Episode 11: Neighbors
Dr. Bumble is angry because the kids are late for dinner. The kids apologize and tell him that it’s because they have been spending time with Jesus, listening to their stories. Justin comforts him by sharing to him two stories that they heard from Jesus.
Episode 12: Poor Little Rich Men
The children are bored and Dr. Bumble is not yet finished fixing the Flying House. Justin suggests that they do storytelling of the parables of Jesus. Everyone agrees and Justin begins telling the Parable of the Rich Fool and the Prodigal Son as told to them by Jesus.
Episode 13: The Greatest
Oh no! It seems like the disciples are having a fight. In this episode, Peter and the rest of the disciples argue about who should sit at the right-hand of Jesus and about who is the greatest follower of Christ. Is it Peter? James? Judas? Find out the answer to the question as Jesus himself reveals who the greatest is.
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