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Superbook Season 1 DVD Boxed Set


Experience the exciting adventures of Chris Quantum, Joy Pepper and their sidekick robot, Gizmo, in all 13 episodes of the first season of Superbook at any time you want! Watch the stories that will help your child learn the important stories in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.


Contains all 13 episodes of the first season of Superbook which includes:

1. In the Beginning

2. The Test

3. Jacob and Esau

4. Let My People Go!

5. The 10 Commandments

6. A Giant Adventure

7. Roar!

8. The First Christmas

9. Miracles of Jesus

10. The Last Supper

11. He Is Risen

12. The Road to Damascus

13. Revelation: The Final Battle

The set also includes a Tagalog and English Family Discussion Guide, Trading Cards and a sticker.\