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    Odd jobs, whatever it takes to make a decent living, just do it.  Such is the life of a sewer worker, an embalmer, a stunt woman, a nude model. They’re not the typical employee or businesswoman, but such be the case, they’re loving breadwinners who work very hard to put food on the table. “Mahirap, pero kakayanin ko para sa pamilya ko”, “Kahit babaliktad na sikmura ko, basta makaraos kaming pamilya araw araw”. We can do it! The 700 Club Asia (May 4, 2012 broadcast)  

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  • Trabaho: Mahal o Angal

    Trabaho: Mahal o Angal

    Looking for the job you want could be very challenging.  These days, jobs are just to elusive, and most of the time you just end up taking a step down to what you are really qualified to do.  No complaints, though, for some of those we interviewed today here on The 700 Club Asia. If it’s a job, it’s a job worth to do to survive today and tomorrow. The 700 Club Asia (May 1, 2012 broadcast)

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  • Overseas Filipino Winners

    Overseas Filipino Winners

    Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) sacrifice a lot in life. Separation from family and their environment to earn a livelihood. Today we call them the new heroes as every dollar they earn makes a positive impact to the Philippine economy. Watch the testimony of a couple (George and Bolen de Ramos), owner of Arrow Employment Agency, in Hong Kong.  See how their company is preparing our OFWs for a productive work life engaged by spiritual principles from the Bible.     The 700 Club Asia (2012-02-27 broadcast)

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