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  • June 19 : #WAGI (Day 5)

    June 19 : #WAGI (Day 5)

    The 700 Club Asia (June 19, 2015 broadcast) Sometimes we think that winning is all about gaining and receiving for ourselves but sometimes it’s the other way around. It’s Not About What We Keep But What We Give Sheila Querubin was known for being stingy. She thought she was just being frugal, but later she realized that it’s more than just that. Growing up, Sheila has seen her politician father helping other people even to the point of giving out help that she thought was supposed to be hers and the family’s. A few years later, her younger brother took […]

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  • June 18 : #WAGI (Day 4)

    June 18 : #WAGI (Day 4)

    The 700 Club Asia (June 18, 2015 broadcast) More than Conquerors — #Wagi in Christ “It is finished,” these were Jesus’ last words before He breathed His last. Our Lord’s last words may have been short, but its impact is so far-reaching that it changed our lives forever. Diseases are defeated. Chains are broken. Sin has no power to destroy us because of His finished work. As one song put it, “It is finished, the victory is won!” Because of Jesus’ heroic victory on the cross two millenniums ago, people today still experience His fullness and grace. And these stories […]

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  • June 24 : #WAGI (Day 3)

    June 24 : #WAGI (Day 3)

    The 700 Club Asia (June 24, 2015 broadcast) Bad news truly never has good timing. It always comes whenever we’re not ready, in the most unexpected instance, leaving us down and hopeless. But we have to believe that in the midst of defeat, God is in control. As the Bible says in Deuteronomy 31:6, “He will never leave us nor forsake us.” This is what we have seen in the stories featured during the third night of our live TV special entitled, “#WAGI!” Take it in the life of John Romeo Etis who grew up with one less parent. His […]

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  • June 23 : #WAGI (Day 2)

    June 23 : #WAGI (Day 2)

    The 700 Club Asia (June 23, 2015 broadcast) Whether we like it or not, life is filled with battles—both big and small. And when these challenges start to pile up and overwhelm us, we either become so anxious in looking for a quick way out, or we start to see our situations as hopeless and just give up. The great news is that we have a third option—GOD. And according to the Bible, when we choose to walk in God’s instructions and allow Him to be the Commander-in-Chief, He will help us win our battles and give us victory! (Deuteronomy […]

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  • June 22 : #WAGI (Day 1)

    June 22 : #WAGI (Day 1)

    The 700 Club Asia (June 22, 2015 broadcast) Finding solace in the midst of life’s storms and difficulties, holding on to one’s faith despite the cruel world behind them, trusting and hoping despite all the reasons to give up and fail – these are some of the living proofs of God’s faithfulness in the lives of our kababayans who were featured on the first day of #Wagi, a The 700 Club Asia live TV special on GMA News TV. Filipinos with compelling life stories and victories in Christ were given the spotlight. It was a night of winners just like […]

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