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  • Puso sa Puso (Day 5)

    Puso sa Puso (Day 5)

    The 700 Club Asia (November 27, 2015 broadcast)

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  • Puso sa Puso (Day 4)

    Puso sa Puso (Day 4)

    The 700 Club Asia (November 26, 2015 broadcast) 365 days’ worth of Love from the Heart “Give Love on Christmas Day…” With 29 more days to go before Christmas, people are starting to feel the holidays through the decorations and different Christmas songs played in major establishments. This is just one of the songs that fills the air as we go through our days of work, errands, or shopping. But how do we give love today? Does it only have to happen on Christmas Day? Cholou Rabara has his own way of sharing love to the community he is in. […]

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  • Puso sa Puso (Day 3)

    Puso sa Puso (Day 3)

    The 700 Club Asia (November 25, 2015 broadcast) A Christmas Heart Christmas is only a few weeks away and soon, people will be busy preparing for the holidays. It’s the season of shopping, giving gifts, setting up the Christmas tree and spending time with the family once again! But as we go with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, there is one important thing that we must not forget. The Bible tells us that the heart is central and that everything we do flows from it. In Wednesday’s episode, on The 700 Club Asia, we talked about inspiring stories […]

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  • Puso sa Puso (Day 2)

    Puso sa Puso (Day 2)

    The 700 Club Asia (November 24, 2015 broadcast) Finding the Strength to Celebrate in the Midst Of Pain Heartache is not a stranger to us. Everywhere we look, we could see trails of broken hearts left unrepaired. The bad news we see and hear on TV affects our attitude towards this holiday season. It is no wonder that some are asking question, “Is there still a reason to be jolly this season?” But as Christians, we know that our joy is not dependent on our situation but on God’s unchanging character and unfading love. Last night, on “Puso sa Puso,” […]

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  • Puso sa Puso (Day 1)

    Puso sa Puso (Day 1)

    The 700 Club Asia (November 23, 2015 broadcast) Spend less and gain more this Christmas Are you having a hard time deciding what gifts to buy this Christmas? Or perhaps you already started spending your 13th month pay while slowly ticking off items from your Christmas list? On the first night of The 700 Club Asia’s weeklong live TV special, #PusoSaPuso, stories and tips on how to save and gain more this Christmas were featured and tackled. Couple Aina and Anthony Balindres considered themselves as impulsive buyers; they often bought things under the buy-now-pay-later system that resulted to a debt […]

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