April 21, 2012 – Kausaban

“The doctor told me I have 6 months to live”, “I just learned that I have a serious illness”, “I’m resigned to becoming single for life, I pray God gives me the peace”.  Some of lives serious questions, and we do have a serious a serious God who promises to be with us every step of the way.  Listen to these life testimonies in today’s broadcast of Kausaban.



Kausaban (April 21, 2012 broadcast)

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  1. Gian mari samonte

    Never lose hope patient’s Faith…time will come for each one of us…the only thing is we never…in what way…God will take us back for our lended life in this world…Let our worries be in God’s care,prayer’s is like talking to God,let God consul us…we should be ready for it…ask for his guidance and protection…in our journey…for God know’s what is better For us…for he is our creator…and he is the only one can Judge us….

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