Tough Question: Losing a Loved One

Image credit: Grief and Loss by Thomas8047

Concerned Friend asks: Recently my friend lost her beloved mother to cancer, and since then she’s been in deep depression. What do I tell my friend to cheer her up? The CBN Asia Center says: First, allow your friend to go through […]

Five Songs for the Grieving Christian

Five Songs for the Grieving Christian

One of the great inevitable truths of life is death. While it is comforting to know that death is not an end but a beginning—Romans 8:38 tells us that death will never be able to separate us from God’s love—it […]

Heaven on My Mind — I had already gone to sleep when the phone rang. My dad’s voice was shaky as he let me know that my grandmother had lost her battle with cancer. It was a phone call that I’d been expecting, but one […]