Innovation: Africa | To Life – How Israeli Volunteers are Changing the World

Different regions in Uganda are plagued with famine, disease, starvation and are suffering from intense drought.

Families in rural villages struggles to survive every day.

Mothers spend hours daily looking for water.

Children feed on mice and rats while others have nothing but seeds and leaves for food.

In other villages, people would slit their cattle and drink its blood for nutrition.

Moved by this dreadful situation, Innovation: Africa went to these villages to address the problem.

Innovation: Africa is an Isareli volunteer organization propelled with a mission to use Israeli technology to help rural African villages.

Watch founder Sivan Ya’Ari as shares their mission in Uganda.


Innovation: Africa is featured on CBN Asia’s latest documentary series, “To Life: How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing the World.” Know more about this and other Israeli volunteer organizations. For videos and further details, visit To Life the Movie website and CBN Online YouTube channel.

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