No Date on Heart’s Day? Purge Your Loneliness

no date on valentines day
Ah, Valentine’s Day!

The day when the streets are flooded with all things sweet and romantic.

For people who are in a relationship, it is the perfect time to be cheesy and cutesy in the name of love.

But for those with no significant other, Valentine’s Day is a sad reminder of what they eagerly long for but do not have.

How about you? How’s your heart?

Are you currently in the stage of waiting? Sincerely hoping that you wouldn’t have to face the Heart’s Day alone and lonely?

It can really be frustrating and heartbreaking, like an endless cycle of tears and disappointments.

But then, there’s this somebody who exactly knows what you are going through and how you are feeling.

Believe it or not, He is your first love – only if you will let Him be.

He has offered His love for you even before time existed. A love so pure that nothing and no one in this world can ever separate you from it (Romans 8:38-39).

Seems like a fairy tale?

No, it’s not.

The fact is that He’s so in love with you that He gave up His most precious Son (Romans 5:8) to give you joy, hope, and contentment – even on Valentine’s Day.

In Luke 12:17, it is written that He knows the exact number of your hair. You are so valuable to Him that every detail about you counts.

So if you feel like you are unloved, especially on Valentine’s Day, always remember that you are a treasured creation, made intricately with love.

Don’t let this cruel world make you feel that you’re single because you’re not pretty or handsome enough. You are way more than that.

Smile and be set free!

Your happiness is not defined by your relationship status.

In your waiting, let God complete you and let His love be the satisfaction that you need. Desire continually to bloom while trusting God that there is a time and season for everything (Ecclesiastes 3:1).

Life is meant to be shared but not only through romantic relationships. If you need someone to talk to regarding your hurts and struggles, you can call us at 730-0-700 if you are within Metro Manila or contact the CBN Asia Prayer Center. We are willing to listen to you.

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