At the Center of God’s Presence – A Life-Changing Pilgrimage in Israel

At a significant time in history in 2017, CBN Asia partners and friends went on a life-changing pilgrimage to the Holy Land to pray, proclaim God’s favor, and celebrate the special bond between the Philippines and Israel. 

From November 22 to December 2, the tour became a trip back in time as the pilgrims visited fascinating places in Israel, such as Hebron, the Sea of Galilee, and Jerusalem – the Garden of Gethsemane, the Mount of Olives, the Western Wall, just to name a few. 

But more than these places of biblical significance, the one thing that radically changed the hearts of the pilgrims was God’s evident and overflowing presence in the place. Like most of them would say, you will never be the same person again the moment you set your foot on the land where the Messiah himself once lived. 

Read through their experiences per photo below.  


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