How can you get past that deep Sorrow? | Evelyn Lacar Story

Feeling trapped, deeply violated, and hurt, Evelyn Lacar got nothing but contempt towards her parents, especially to her father.

It started when she was forced into a marriage she never desired.

How can she be with a man she doesn’t even love?

They had 3 children but Evelyn only showed affection to kids and hatred toward the man he married.

She didn’t learn to love him.

Thinking about the future of her children and also desperate to escape from her sorrowful relationship with her husband, Evelyn grabbed the opportunity to work in Singapore as a household helper.

Since her income wasn’t enough to support her children, Evelyn made a risky decision, to be in a relationship with a rich but married man.

Though tugged by her conscience, Evelyn stayed in the relationship, sacrificing her body and moral values for 10 years.

Until one day, she got overwhelmed by the guilt being brought by the sins she was willingly committing.

In those dark times, a friend in Singapore invited her to church and ushered her to the One who will truly free her from all her bitterness, hatred, and unforgiveness.

She got real freedom and not just mere escape.

“God, if there is still a chance, show me who I truly am before your eyes,” Evelyn shared in tears. She fully surrendered her life to Jesus Christ.

She then underwent a healing and deliverance program where her emotional wounds got healed through the power of Jesus Christ.

Evelyn forgave her parents and settled things with her husband. They didn’t go for the resoration of their marriage but they became really good friends.

As a single parent, Evelyn now enjoys the kind of family she found in church and is blessed with her employer who treats her as family.

“Jesus is my Savior. He turned my ashes into beauty,” she said.

Psalm 30:11 says, “You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy,”

Are you also trapped in a circumstance that brings you deep sorrow? There is hope. Give our prayer counselors a call at 737-0-700 if you are in Metro Manila or CBN Asia Prayer Center if you are outside Metro Manila or outside the Philippines. We’d love to hear from you.


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