Terrence and Tet Lim | Huwarang OFW 2017 Family Nominee

Tet’s heart was shattered to pieces when she saw her mom kneeling down while cleaning the toilet bowl in Italy. She never thought that this had been the price that her mom had to pay every single day to provide for her needs and give her wants back in the Philippines.

When this reality slapped her, Tet never saw life the same way again.

All that mattered to Tet was her mom’s balikbayan box filled with imported goods and fancy supplies. She lived a beautiful life and had everything that she could ask for.

After graduating in college, Tet decided to join her mom in Italy hoping for better opportunities but found the opposite.

She did house cleaning jobs with her mother. But then, Tet’s father suffered from stroke and her mom had to go back to the Philippines to take care of him. Tet was left in Italy to cater to all the house cleaning duties that they used to do together.

Terrence, Tet’s boyfriend at that time, decided to follow her abroad. Never in Tet’s mind did she ever think of doing an odd job like this. Life was tough for her but Terrence stayed by her side all along.

For 10 years, Tet and Terrence endured house cleaning jobs until she managed to get a job in a remittance center followed by an opportunity to work in a real estate business as a secretary. Their life in Italy began to flourish from that moment on.

This was where their heart to help their fellow OFWs began. Having been a witness of how tough it was to work abroad, Tet saw how real estate could help his fellow OFWs. So, she began teaching them to handle money properly and how to invest in real estate businesses.

A lot had happened since then. They are now living a comfortable life here in the Philippines with their family, sharing their stories and expertise for the benefit of their fellowmen.

Trials in life aren’t going to stay forever. Endure, have faith, work hard, for “weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5 NIV)



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