Sherwin Reyes | Huwarang OFW 2017 Missionary Nominee

Insecure of his age and taken from his comfort zone, Sherwin initially did not know what to make of God’s calling to become a pastor in Singapore. He was already enjoying the fruits of his labor as a business planner in Vietnam at that time.

Aside from the fact that he did not know what the future holds, he was unsure if Michelle, the woman he was pursuing, would  stand by him knowing the risks that go with his calling.

After praying and seeking counsel, Sherwin got enough courage and peace to obey the Lord to lead a church composed of Filipino migrant workers in Singapore. Despite the inferiority he felt among the other church leaders, Sherwin experienced God’s favor through the licence granted to them to hold meetings. Sherwin also attended a Bible school and his wife joined training in counseling.

To choose God over career is a difficult decision but Sherwin proved his faithfulness to God by obeying the call to become a pastor out of his comfort zone. Just like how God blessed the disciples in their fishing in Luke 5:1-11, Sherwin also saw that his decision was not in vain when he saw how God blessed him.

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