Finding Beauty in the midst of Ugly Sorrow | Huwarang OFW 2017

Romy and Kaye Capuli

Pain and grief overwhelmed Romy and Kaye Capuli after their long awaited baby boy, Ryan, died at the age of 2 due to an unsuccessful open heart surgery. It was a struggle for them to understand why God allowed it to happen.

For 7 years, they earnestly prayed for God to give them a child. Though they had been waiting for such a long time, they still remained faithful in serving God and His people with all their heart.

Now that their little bundle of joy finally came, how could God take him away just like that after years of unrelenting prayers and steadfast faithfulness?

But then, it was at this time of sorrow when God sincerely spoke to Romy.

Romy was reminded of the vision of the cross.

God exactly knows what he feels.

For God had only one Son as well.

The pain of this tragedy then gave birth to their ministry, Crossover World, where they aim to preach the Gospel to children ages 4-14 through Basketball.

This story of how God turned their sorrow into something beautiful is the reason why they were chosen as the Huwarang OFW 2016 for the Missionary Category.

Romy and Kaye continue to do the mission that God gave them, using Basketball and Ryan’s story to win thousands of children for Christ.

As the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches’ (PCEC) Sports Commissioner, Romy and his wife Kaye were busy going around the country, talking to leaders, and envisioning the reality of planting 21,000 new churches among the children.

Kaye also mentioned how their cash prize of 75,000 pesos helped them buy a Nissan Navarra Pick-up truck that now accompanies them in their ministry.

For them, winning as one of Huwarang OFW 2016, “…is a simple pause where the Lord has reminded us, ‘Hey you are on the right track. Your labor is not in vain.’ ” Romy said.

“The work keeps on going. There is no stopping. We’re in the game. We are staying in the game and we need to finish strong,” he added.

Like Romy and Kaye, there are lots of OFWs who has inspiring stories.

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