Sagith, a Man of Humility and Genuine Faith | Huwarang OFW 2017

Sagith Joy Alegarbes

When his father died, Sagith Joy Alegarbes started selling ice cream and balut to earn a living at the age of 9. Despite his family’s financial difficulties, he strived to study hard and ended up graduating in High School as a Valedictorian.

Yet, he refused to be successful for his own benefit. Later on, he gave up being an Accountant to be a seaman so that he could provide more for his family.

Life was tough in the ship but no matter what kind of circumstance Sagith faces, he remained steadfast and faithful to God.

His inspiring story is the reason why he was chosen as Huwarang OFW for the Family Category in 2016.

After his recognition, Sagith continued to be that humble man who seeks to glorify God in everything he does.

“This award would always remind me to remain faithful to my family and to God. It inspires me to continually allow God to use me for His glory,” says Sagith.

Right now, Sagith kept experiencing the faithfulness of God in his Tires and Auto Service Center. A business he established after letting go of his job as a ship captain to stay in his home country, the Philippines, with his family.

Apart from managing his business, Sagith continues to be a part of Gideon’s International and leads Bible study groups both in his church and workplace.

Sagith was honest about the fact that receiving an award is a great joy, “I am happy but the award also comes with great responsibility which is good because without it, you will be complacent,” he shares.

Sagith’s ups and downs in life propelled him to be the kind of man that he is now. His genuine faith during his tough seasons was honored by God and now he is reaping the fruit of his hardships.

When asked for his message for those who are nominated for Huwarang OFW 2017, he said, “Always give the highest praise to God and be grateful.”

Indeed, Sagith is a true Huwarang OFW. Like him, there are lots of OFWs who has inspiring stories!

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