Phina Colico | Huwarang OFW 2017 Individual Nominee

Raped at the age of 7, Phina become bitter and distrustful towards men while she was growing up. She thought every man deserves punishment and her heart was full of anger and bitterness.

She thought that her life would be better if she worked as a domestic helper in Singapore but she was wrong. The new culture and environment accompanied by the harsh treatment of her employer made it difficult for her to adjust. She had to endure working for 8 months without a rest day.

Out of desperation, Phina cried out to the Lord in prayer. After some time, a friend invited her to a concert where she came to know Jesus. Eventually, she developed a personal relationship with God and attended a rehabilitation program to help her overcome her struggles and find healing from traumatic experience.

During her darkest, Phina Colico held on to God’s messages of comfort for her – to trust and have faith.

As time passed, Phina was able to forgive the relative who robbed her off her innocence. The love of God compelled Phina to help others who also went through the same experience.

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