From being a Lesbian to finding her Real Identity in God | Carla Peňa Story

Some people constantly searches for things that would fill their emptiness. Carla Peňa thought that she found it in the identity that she made for herself.

As a child, Carla looked up to her older brothers. She dressed up like them and played with their toys. As time passed by, the masculine actions Carla adopted from her brothers made her think that she was different.

She felt like she was the black sheep in their Christian family because she insisted that she was a man. Since she was different from the other girls, Carla was bullied for being a lesbian.

She experienced acceptance when she got new peers who introduced her to smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs. She found the satisfaction that her heart longs for in her long-term relationship with the same sex. But then, God intended for her to follow a different path.

Carla had been anxious for keeping her gender preference from her family. But then one day, she heard the voice of God that prompted her to read the Bible where she found the peace and fulfillment she was looking for.

God designed each person uniquely and with a specific purpose. As one develops a deeper relationship with God, his or her identity gets revealed.

2 Corinthians 1:22a states that “He has identified us as his own by placing the Holy Spirit in our hearts.” When one gets to know his or her identity according to God’s design, the urge to abandon his or her old ways follows. Knowing this identity is instrumental to living the abundant life Jesus Christ offers.

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