Serafin Charger Ilao | Huwarang OFW 2017 Missionary Nominee

Having an abusive older brother drove Charger to grow up violent. He hated his brother so much that he thought of killing him when he gets older.

At the age of 21, he took the opportunity to go to the USA where he got enlisted in the US Navy. He lived the life of a Sailor – drinking, womanizing, drug use, lying, and cursing.

Due to discrimination and mockery because of his communication skills, he harbored ill-feelings against Americans and his hate grew deep. Despite these hardships, Charger sent funds to his 4 brothers in the Philippines. Without him knowing it, Charger’s older brother, who was the one he hated, spoke to his children about his generosity.

One day, Charger overheard the word “fornication” and looked it up in the dictionary. This convicted him of his sinful lifestyle.

As he searched for God, Charger grew deeper into his relationship with God and gave up his old habits. Eventually, he forgave his older brother and started sharing his life inside the ship, ministering to a lot of navy officers. He still faced challenges and persecution but he continued sharing God’s love.

Later on, he was moved to obey God’s missionary calling in his life, going to different places in Asia and the USA. He gave back to the Philippines, through medical missions, conferences, seminars, prison ministry, and feeding the hungry and the poor. Now that he is a retired officer, Charger works mowing lawns in order to save money for his yearly mission trips.

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