Manuel “Manny” Magabulo | Huwarang OFW 2017 Missionary Category Nominee

What Manny thought as playtime became the most painful moment for him. His older brother molested him when he was 7.

Manny also became the subject of insult because of his effeminate voice and movement. He felt resentful and unwanted that he tried to find his value by entering several relationships with different men.

Feeling tired of life, Manny tried to change himself.

One day, he met a friend who used to be homosexual. He was invited to a prayer meeting where he felt the love of Jesus. Through the word of God, Manny came to know Jesus more and developed an intimate relationship with Him.

He got involved in a church where he grew in his Christian faith. He became a part of the drama team that paved the way for his ministry abroad. Manny and his team held stage plays in different places overseas like England, London, Scotland, Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong. Married with one son, Manny is now active in the church planting as well.


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