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A Letter for You from Bathsheba
You can’t cover up sin, no matter how hard you try. Trust me, I know this.

You may know me from my sin. That’s how everybody seems to know me, really. I didn’t plan on that happening, by the way. But I didn’t stop it, I went go along with it.

I grew up knowing I was beautiful. I knew how to manipulate, how to get what I want, how to take. I was ambitious and capable and I desired power and prestige.

Adultery is terrible. It involves lying. Cheating. Scheming. Manipulating. I didn’t know I was capable of all of that until I saw King David.

Who wouldn’t want to be with a great king? Somebody who is married like I was, supposedly, but that didn’t stop me from responding to temptation.

When I found out that I was pregnant, I didn’t know what to do. I was distraught, but I kept my cool. I sent word to King David that I was with child.

In my head, I was planning how to best hide it. This child and who his father is will remain a secret.

But then, secret sin will always be found out. There’s nothing that the king and I could do to cover up our sin, our shame.

When my husband was killed in battle as planned by the king, I felt guilty for feeling relieved. King David promised to marry me and I thought, “Finally.” I would get everything that I wanted in life. A handsome and prominent husband, power and prestige, and a chance for my child to be king.

But God needed to punish us for our transgression, and I know that God will forgive anyone who repents. King David and I were both extremely sorry for what we had done. However, consequences remain even when the sin is forgiven.

When our first son died, it felt like the grief was unbearable. I wanted to die. That baby was killed because of me. I killed my husband! I killed my son! I was filled with despair. I didn’t deserve to live!

But God can work through difficult and seemingly hopeless situations. He is sovereign. He helped me find my comfort in Him. Find my peace. He blessed me with more children and a son promised to be king.

In fact, by God’s grace, He gave me more than that. He blessed me with the privilege to have one of my descendants be Jesus Christ the Messiah, promised King to the Jews.

Trust in God. He will come through.


Forgiven and blessed,


Read more about Bathsheba –2 Samuel 11:1-27; 1 Kings 1:28-31, 2:13-22; Psalm 51:1-19

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