I Never thought that I would Love Again | A Letter for You

A Letter for You from Ruth
I was a widow and I never thought that I would love again.

But then, the God of Naomi – the God of Israel has a different plan.

He is the God I primarily didn’t know of but He amazed me as I got to know Him more and more through Naomi’s family.

He is a God who is alive and true, far too different from the many gods that we in Moab had.

For this reason, I chose to be with Naomi and be with her people when she decided to go back to Judah. Also, to have their God as my God.

We faced the challenge of feeding ourselves. Given Naomi’s old age, I volunteered to find a field and gather leftover grains.

It wasn’t easy but I had joy in doing it. Amazingly, the difficulty of gathering the leftovers led to a huge blessing.

The man who owns the field where I gathered grains noticed me. Oh, I felt nervous when he approached me. What if he would tell me to leave?

To my surprise, Boaz allowed me to work in his field and drink from the available jars when I get thirsty. He made sure that I would have a safe workplace.

I was awestruck.

How could I get such favor in a man’s sight?

He said that he knew everything about me and Naomi and that he was impressed. How could my simple acts of love be considered impressive in this man’s eyes?

My heart is filled with such gladness. Boaz was ladders up compared to me yet he was humble and gentle. I felt safe under his care.

After the trials we’ve gone through, I figured that help from this man was not bad at all.

I was surprised when Naomi asked me to lie beside Boaz but I trusted her. She would not ask me to do something that will put me in trouble.

I was glad that I trusted her because Boaz proved himself with integrity. As tradition calls, he “redeemed” me. Like a precious gem, I felt loved once again.

I felt beautiful.

I felt wanted.

Sometimes, we get ahead of God’s plans for us. We do things and even say that it is what God wants for us, especially in relationships.

But then, the truth is that God is in control of everything about our lives. He plans to prosper us and not to harm us, to give us hope and a future.

Trust Him and seek Him, delight in Him and you will get the desires of your heart.

As for me, I only wanted to be with my dearest mother-in-law who had been a mother to me. To be with her people and for her God to be my God. But then, I got more than that. He is a God who cares for everything about me.

You know, even if you don’t see it, even if you don’t feel it, and even if it seems like nothing is happening, I want you to know one thing – God is writing your own love story.

My love story is an evidence of how God can change a life and take it to a direction where he intends to. I did not need to follow after a man. Love is not something you pursue as a woman or control.

Live in the present. Be the man and woman that God created you to be and let the love that God has written for you pursue you instead.

I assure you it would be perfect. God’s timing and story is the best.


Praying that God’s plan come to pass in your life,


Read more about Ruth –Ruth 1-4; Matthew 1-5


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