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A Letter for You from Boaz
Ah, I can still remember that day I took the risk to give Ruth to a closest redeemer. I was almost prepared to let her go, not that I wished for it, but simply because it’s the right thing to do.

But then, God had a plan in mind. He allowed me to be her kinsman redeemer, and thus, marry her.

My life was never the same since I obeyed God. I experienced the fullness of God’s blessing and the daily joy of being with the one who my soul loves.

And the greatest privilege I received? From my seed came great kings, most especially the King of kings – Jesus Christ.

Men, listen.

I believe that God has a great purpose for you. God has called us to take the lead – in our families, in our communities, and in our society.

Men, serve.

In a world where women are being treated like servants of men, get out of the way.

Manliness is not just about great physique and strength. It’s treating others with gentleness and respect.

Give women seats of honor and treat them as sisters in the Lord, and I urge you, serve ALL women with the right motives, not just to manipulate or impress them.

Men, provide.

God is the ultimate Provider and we are to reflect His generosity.

Never let your woman carry the heavy burden of financial responsibility solely. We are called by God to toil on the ground for us to provide for our families, especially if we are at our optimal health. Go the extra mile in providing. Do not just give what is required.

When God provides, he gives extravagantly. So should we.

Men, protect

As a man, you should be the first one to protect women. Ask yourself, “Am I honoring her with what I am doing?” Make her feel safe in your presence.

Ultimately, men, obey.

One of the best leadership skills is submission to a higher authority – God. When we obey God and His Word, we can never go wrong in our leadership. We can lead effectively by being led by Him.

Men, we are God’s handiwork and He expects us to reflect Him in all aspects. God wants to use you for greater purposes. Let Him change you and then change will start through you.


Blessed in taking my responsibility,


Read more about Boaz –Ruth 2-4; Matthew 1:1-25; Luke 3:23-38

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