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A Letter for You from Naomi

My name is Naomi.

People say that my name means “good, sweet, pleasant, lovely, and winsome.”

But back in the days when judges led and ruled Israel, what my name means does not make any sense.

I felt that God was punishing our family. He was punishing me.

It wasn’t lovely.

There was nothing pleasant and winsome about the famine that hit Bethlehem – my home was ruined and people were starving.

Because of the serious punishment of the God of Israel, my husband Elimelech was forced to leave. He had to make a decision and protect our family.

Together with our two sons, Mahlon and Kilion, we went to the pagan country of Moab so that we can find food for sustenance.

But then, my husband Elimelech died!

I was left with my two sons who took Moabite wives – Orpah and Ruth.

10 years after our painful loss, God also took away my sons.

My heart was downcast.

Intense grief engulfed me.

I felt helpless.

Alone and miserable.

It was already tough to be a widow in a foreign country and now I have to endure another loss.

Was God deaf? Was He blind? Why didn’t He spare us from this curse? Had He let Israel flourish with food and gold, none of this would have happened.

Why would He allow infliction of such crippling pain?

One day, I got myself together and decided to travel back to the land of Judah with my two daughters-in-law.

While on the road, I told my daughters-in-law to go back home and live with their mothers. Keeping them with me was a bitter pill to swallow.

They both cried and I kissed them goodbye.

But Ruth embraced me tight and held on, saying that only death can come between us. So I gave in and allowed her to come with me to Bethlehem.

When we arrived, the whole town got buzzing. They were wondering if I was really their Naomi.

I told them I went out full, and God brought me home empty.

But after Boaz noticed my Ruth during the barley harvest and decided to marry her, I realized that God hasn’t walked out on us after all.

I was no longer Mara, as I named myself, whose cup was full of bitterness.

I realized that all of the unfortunate events in my life was the result of my disobedience.

Had I stayed in my own land and maintained my trust in God in spite of the famine, He would have shown us mercy and saved us.

In the end, my bitterness turned to joy.

I gained a son-in-law who provided for me and Ruth. I also became a grandmother to Ruth’s son, Obed, who became the grandfather of David and the ancestor of Jesus Christ.

Praise be to God, who didn’t leave us nor forsake us.

I am sure of this – God is also faithful to you. He is into restoring your life and sustaining you.

Obey Him and you will surely walk at the right path.

Hold on to Him and believe in His goodness.

He will work all things together for good, for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.


Believe in God’s relentless love,


Read more about Naomi –Ruth 1-4; Matthew 1:1-11; Romans 8:28

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